10 Tips To Make Android Battery Last Longer

Android battery capacity determines whether the battery will last or not while using it unlike those days where phone battery can last for days because of the limited function phone does performs then, but now with Smartphone, battery life are more at stake because of the numerous function you can easily carried out on this device.

To make Smartphone battery life last is not really a trick but it’s what should be done and is what everyone can put into practise. In order not to bother you or got you thinking about how to make you battery last longer, here are some 10 tips you can embarked on to make things work out exactly you wanted it to.

Android Battery

Uninstall Unused Apps.

Smartphone let users use any app of their choice but most of this app won’t serve users for long, perhaps for a while and before you know it’s no longer useful. And as such, you need to uninstall such apps as they were busy running in your device background and keep draining you battery life.

Close Unused App

Another way to make battery life last long is to close all unnecessary apps that you opened. Although, for you to have all these apps active, they must be running in the background section but once you are not using them, you can easily close them to make you battery last.

Close App Notifications

Disable any app’s notification that is not on your regular used list to maximize your battery life. Being notified unnecessarily drains battery life and is not doing you any good. To maximize your battery life you can only enable your chatting app notification and disable others.

Disable GPS

This is one of the most important features on Smartphones but it drains battery life so quick. This app tracks your location and give report concerning it but reduces battery life so fast.

Reduce Screen Brightness

This drains battery life so fast when you brighten your device screen light. If you cannot afford to turn off this feature, then set it into auto-adjust and it will adjust your device brightness automatically.

Vibration Or Sound

Using this tone feature together at a time drain battery life so quick but when you make do with the sound alone, you are still good to go while vibration reduces battery life at the speed of light most especially when you receive call most often.

Turn Of Bluetooth

To save yourself from flat battery always, endeavour to turn off your device Bluetooth when you are not using it.

Charge Your Battery At Will

The saying that you should only charge your battery when it is totally flat is old news. Feel free to charge your phone battery at while and don’t forget not to use it while charging it for precaution measure.

Use Save Mode Feature

So many people don’t use this feature as such and it easily helps to save your cell phone battery life. Save mode is a better way to make your phone battery last, and it does reduces the rate at which your Android battery life drains.

Disable Data Connection

Disable your data connection when you are not ready for a chat or surfing the internet to save your battery life. Data connection drains battery life much more than playing games on your phone so do endeavour to close it when you are not using.

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