2 Guaranteed Ways To Unbrick Infinix Phone (Does Not Boot Beyond Infinix Logo).

Android getting bricked seems to be bad luck to few Android users who roots their phone, when their phone stuck after the logo screen or could not boot beyond the device logo, it seems to be a bad omen anyway but there still a way out. If you are using infinix such as infinix hot, infinix hot note, infinix pro and it got bricked probably while you were trying to upgrade your device firmware or trying to install apps that finally seem to have bricked your infinx, then this post will guide you on how to unbrick infinix phone of any brand.

To unbrick infinix phone that got stuck after the boot logo or that could not go beyond the boot logo when trying to power it on, then you have to put some necessary things in place and then with this post you will be able to unbrick it.

Unbrick infinix phone

When your infinix device is brick, in a simply language it means your device the OS is crash and could not perform its real function which might result from the fact that you are try to update your infinix OTA while you have a flash custom ROM running on it. If your infinix is rooted before upgrade the device, there is nothing bad in it but it.

Nevertheless, to unbrick infiinx phone that got stuck at the logo screen, we have two different procedures that will help you out to resolve the issue after the first attempt.

How To Unbrick Infinix Phone That Stuck After Logo

Here we will be sharing four different ways you can follow to unbrick an infinix phone and that could not go beyond logo screen when you try to power it on.

  1. Do Factory Reset

Under this method, it is assumed that your infinix phone does not have root access, and you probably do not tampered with the phone and the phone just got stuck. Or before the phone bricked, you install an app and found that the device could no longer boot beyond logo screen when you try to power it on.

  1. Switch of the phone
  2. Press and hold the volume up button (don’t release it)
  3. press and hold the power button, meaning now that you are holding the two button simultaneously
  4. Hold the two buttons until you found yourself in the recovery mode which should either be ClockworkMod or android lying on its back.
  5. If your screen displays a robot lying on its back, you are definitely in stock recovery, and then press either of the two buttons you held to proceed further.
  6. If its show stock recovery, use the volume down button to navigate and volume up button to select an option
  7. If it’s in ClockworkMod, use the volume button to navigate and tap the power button to select an option.
  8. Then wipe cache partition and then restart your infinix
  9. If this does not work, then reboot into the device recovery mode and select factory reset or wipe data option and then reboot.

If after you have done the factory reset, then infinix still remain brick, then format your memory card, re-insert it again, reset the device again and restart it.

  1. ClcokworkMod Backup And Restore (Unbrick Infinix phone)

If the above method does not work, then this method should render the helping hand to help you get your infinix phone back. You have a brick infinix phone already that you want to unbrick it, then perform the following magic.

Note: It must be the same Infinix Mode

  1. Get an exact phone of yours that does not brick
  2. Flash a ClockworkMod on the two phones (bricked and unbrick)
  3. On the unbrick phone, boot into the recovery mode
  4. Backup the flashed ClockworkMod and restore
  5. Select the backup option and answer yes when it prompt
  6. When you are done doing the backup, restart the unbricked phone
  7. Copy and paste the complete backup of the unbricked phone ClockworkMod from the memory card and place directly on the brick phone memory card and not in a folder but plainly on the memory card.
  8. Now, boot the bricked phone to its recovery mode
  9. Navigate to backup and restore
  10. Instead of backup, select restore
  11. Select the copied ClockworkMod backup from unbrick infinix and restore it
  12. Your brick infinix should be revive by now
  13. If the restoring of the unbrick infinix is successful, then you bricked infinix will look exactly like the unbrick phone and you should do the factory reset and keep update your own settings.

I’m sure that with these two methods, you should be able to unbrick infinix phoneof any kind if you are so calm to try things out under little or no supervision at all. In case you encounter any problem in using either of the method, don’t hesitate to let us know where the problem comes from.


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