20 Recent Released Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 8.4

It is can be convincing to say that Jailbreaking does not seems to slow down much after the release of iOS 8.4.1  to fixes the problems of Apple Music. Jailbreak developer are doing their very best, vehemently to put together different tweaks. In case you are not at the speed of light to get closer to the recent jailbreak tweaks; here are the 20 recent released jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.4.


The tweaks are arranged in chorological other:

  • Keyswipe ($1.00)
  • FrontCameraUnMirror (free)
  • SwipteToDelete  (free)
  • SongCount (free)
  • Hide Badge Text (free)
  • FastCenters (free)
  • Siria (free)
  • Browsix ($2.99)
  • NoTrending (free)
  • NoNowPlayingStatusBar (free)
  • Floater (free)
  • DarkCC (free)
  • RomanPasscode (free)
  • Gauss 2 ($0.99)
  • Velox Lite (free)
  • Cydia Ratings (free)
  • SmartSourcePrompt (free)
  • ProximityActivator (free)
  • AniBanner ($0.99)
  • TextSearch(free)

Going through the list of these tweaks, you will see that majority of them are free while only limited ones are paid, nonetheless, below four are not to do without as long as the newly released jailbreak tweak is concern.

Cydia Ratings

This tweak just bring app store just like rating to Cydia and this exactly I really love and I quickly bend for it.


This tweak does not only make it look like the Control Center and notification Center UI is just floating in mid air, with so many options for app icons and some other UI elements.


This is just a mini web browser that can be access anywhere; you have the privilege to drag your browser around the screen, reduce or increase the size and open it directly by taping link on other apps. The price isn’t much as there is a lot you can do with this tweak.


It’s completely obvious that badges are not really annoying when you just notice only a red notification without reminding you of the number of messages or Email you currently have to attend to.

There are some other tweaks but these recent ones seem awesome and you just need to try them. Meanwhile, you can share with us your favorite Jailbreak tweak and how you feel about them and using them?.

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