3 Perfect Ways To Unroot An Android Smartphone

To unroot an Android is  an uncommon occurrence that happens to an Android smartphone/tablet user. While unroot an Android you invariably revoking the warranty of the device. There are few apps that can be used to unroot an Android when you feel like you need to unroot your phone. There is a possibility that you as an Android user who root his device might not even aware that it’s possible you can unroot an Android tablet or smartphone without flashing a stock ROM on the device.

Of recent I performed an OTA update on my Huawei, not rooted though but if the device have been root, there might be a problem during the update and thus, it might brick while performing the OTA update.

It is not a must to unroot your Android device when you are about performing an OTA update as long as you don’t run a custom recovery on the device. Running a custom recovery on your Android before performing OTA update, it might cause some issues which you might not like.

Nevertheless, if you device is rooted and you want to unroot it, below are the best method to unroot an Android tablet or smartphne.

Unroot an Android

How To Unroot Android 2.3.6, 4.0.4, 4.0.4, 4.1.2, 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.1.1 Using App.

If you are running any of this Android version on your device, you should be able to unroot it using at least one of  the three method I will be sharing here.

1.Using Vroot

2. Using Universal unroot

3. Flashing a stock ROM

Depending on the root app that you used to root your device but these are the common root apps that makes the job easier to do.


If you Android device was rooted using Vroot, you can as well use Vroot to unroot it. Vroot can unroot any Android device rooted via it in less that 2 minutes. All you need to do to unroot your device is to connect the device to your PC, launch Vroot PC app  and click on unroot when it discovered your device and you are done.

2. Using Universal Unroot

Universal unroot is a paid app and it cost just $0.99. If for unknown reason you cannot unroot your device using Vroot, Universal unroot will unroot an Android device of any version. I know you don’t want to pay before you unroot your device, and that is why we have a complete guide on how to download Google Play paid app for free.

3.Flashing A Stock Custom

We don’t recommend this way except you are extremely sure of what you are doing. If you have a doubted mind on how to get this done, kindly don’t try it. This should be your last option and the reason why this method is not really recommended to unroot an Android phone is that there is no specific method of flashing custom ROM on Android, it all varies from device to device. For device like Huawei, you need Hsuite, for Samsung you need Odin software.

With these three concept, you should be able to unroot an Android of any version without any hiccups.

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