4 Different Ways To Access Broken Smartphone On PC

A broken Smartphone is disgusting if totally damaged such that you cannot see the screen let alone use the screen touch feature but the files on the Smartphone will still remain intact in some occasion if the Smartphone can still power on.

If you have a broken Smartphone, and the Smartphone is not in the top class of the known Smartphone, you may want to abandon it and get a brand new one. But if you are moving with smart device, and you Smartphone mistakenly dropped and the wind screen got broken to the extent that you cannot access the screen then you have to think of the way out on how to retrieve you data or files on the device.

To worsen the situation of a broken Smartphone, if you are security conscious and you make use pattern lock for optimum security reason, then you know what it takes to be a victim of this kind of scenario.

Android lock pattern is the most effective way to secure your device from un-authorize user, but when things turn around like when your phone fell and the screen got broken, then you might have to listen to the order side of the song and twist the coin once again. Nevertheless, Android pattern lock can still be unlock if you are smart enough.

Meanwhile, this post will reveal to you four different ways you can use to access broken Smartphone on your PC.

Can I Retrieve My Files On Broken Smartphone?

You can easily retrieve your files on broken Smartphone if you have a backup already or if your friend already clone your device for at least once but if not, you will have to use the procedure below before you can retrieve your files on any broken Smartphone.

How To Access Broken Smartphone On PC

The procedure depicts four different ways you can use to access a broken Smartphone on PC and read your files on it.

1. AirDroid

AirDroid is a PC-Android free app that let you connect your Smartphone directly to your PC. With AirDroid Android app, you can easily manage your phone on your PC and do the entire necessary thing you have to do to revive your broken Smartphone’s file.

Broken Smartphone 1

While you are struggling with retrieving your files on your PC, you can easily respond to some quick chat.

AirDrop to Smartphone is like an alternative Smartphone user, you can easily perform the exact function you would love to carry out on your phone when it’s still in it normal state right on AirDroid.

  1. Webkey

Webkey is different from AirDroid totally, with webkey you can easily control your Smartphone from your favorite browser but the dimerit of this app is that your Smartphone must have root access.

Broken Smartphone 2

Once your phone is connected to webkey via USB, you can do the exact thing you perform on your phone like networking, taking screen shot, messaging your friends, tracking your location and many more.

  1. MyPhoneExplorer Client

MyPhoneExplorere Client is a phone manager that helps to manage your Smartphone on PC and its indeed useful when you Smartphone windscreen is broken.

Broken Smartphone 3

You can do so many things on your Smartphone with MyPhoneExplorer Client such as sending SMS, making calls, install new apps, uninstall disgusting app and many more.

4. HiSuite

HiSuite is good at managing your Smartphone apps, Gallery, Videos, Picture. With HiSuite you can back up your broken Smartphone and later transfer the backup to another Smartphone, take screen shot, update your device OS, save new contact, read and delete messages and most importantly, you can still have fun with your favorite apps on HiSuite.

Just like when your Smartphone is still not broken, you can install and uninstall app directly to your Smartphone using HiSuite.

Broken Smartphone

Have you tried either or this apps to access your broken Smartphone before and what are your experience?

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