5 Tips For a Better Android Music Listening

Much to say about Android music experience, just as different Android manufacturers put together different music player, so all Android music players gives the best to the listeners. Not only that the manufacturers bundles the music player together alone but they as well sees to the uniqueness of the music library.

Things are not been complicated with this bundles of music players but as an opportunity to fine tune your music listening experience. We ain’t going to talk about music as a platform alone but we are going to share with you how you can ask the big Google now search voice to play your favorite song, customizing the equalizer or mixer and how you can easily control the volume playback using the assigned volume key.

Download Google Voice Control

This is a default Android music player which I presume that you should have on your Android,otherwise you can download it from Voice control. The app is very much easy to use and with just a click, we are getting the job done with the voice control app.

The main assignment of this app is to control your Android phone to play your desire song using voice and it’ll start playing. Say, you want to play P’square song on your Android, you can long press the headset call button and put a voice call through to control the music you are interested in playing without having to go through the Mandela long walk before you start listening to your music.

Use a Non Google Android Music App

There are quite a large number of third party apps that give you the best you could ever imagine on your Android. There are paid and free one, without iota of doubt, my favorite free music app is VLC media player and the app is one of the apps on play store with constant update so as to bring in new features.

Avoid Stream All The Time

The real virtue of good listening start from ability to see a correlation between what you are listening to and real life experience. Streaming music online can’t give you the best, the experience won’t last as expected rather it’s preferable to download such a music for offline enjoyment rather than streaming it live and direct. Take for instance on  Apple music, to enjoy it you might need a leisure time perhaps requires you to download a music of your choice for offline mode.

Start Singing Along With The Music Lyrics

The best music listening experience lies in ability to sing the lyrics on your own even along as the singer sings. But when listening to new music or song, getting the words for a start can be really tempting.

Music app

However with Musixmatch muic and lyrics app, you can listening to a new song and get the understanding instantly. It works just like magic, you just have to play the music with a compatible music player and Musixmatch will start the interpreting.

Customize The Volume Of Your Headset

You cannot show interest on all the music on your phone at the same time,you may need to skip some and listen to your favorite ones which most of the time depend on mood. The problem start popping up when your headset is with just an ear plugged in, then you will have to bring out your phone and skip track on after the other which is very frustrating, however there is a better way to handle this;

Pocket skip track

To ease myself from this problem, I use skip track app. The app enables me to customize my phone volume button to either return the music to the previous one or move to the next track without stress. With just two clicks volume up, the music will jump to the next track and return to the previous track with two volume down.

You can start bring the best out of your Android music player as regards this app now.

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