5 Top And Best Android Screen Recorder

Android screen recorder is the easiest and perhaps only way to record Android screen, most importantly for mobile video tutorial you need to record the screen directly from your mobile in case you were you unable to connect your Android device to your PC before you can start to record the screen of your mobile.

Thanks to various Android recorder apps for Android operating system that let you record your Android screen easily by installing your favorite screen app. In case you don’t know which of Android screen recorder that would work perfectly for you on your Android while teaching a mobile video tutorial, here are the top and best Android screen recorder app.

Note that most of the Android screen record apps required root access otherwise you might not be able to install the app let alone using it to record your device screen.

Don’t worry about rooting your Android phone, I have  written series of tutorial on how you can root any android phone.

And now that you have successfully root your Android phone, you can be rest assured that you will be able to use any of the screen recorder am going to share with you here.


Mirror screen recorder is currently a beta version yet it can be used to record high video resolution. The benefit of Mirror screen recorder lies on its compatibility to work with Allcastreceiver which made it very to mirror the phone screen to your PC or desktop. The simply implication of Google chrome cast receiver is that it let you play any video recorded using mirror on your desktop live.

Android screen recorder


This is another powerful Android screen recorder with so many features. You can easily record your phone screen with this app and upload it online for others to see with high resolution and desirable video formats. Recorded video with Shou could be save in AVI, MKV, MOV etc.

Android screen recorder

iLos Screen Recorder

This Android screen recorder is one of my favorite when talking about the best app that can be used to record Android screen because its ads free. You can easily share record video on YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive etc. When you are done with recording your device screen, you can easily save it on your device for future use and it does not have specific video record limit.

Android screen recorderAZ Screen Recorder

Need to record your video as HD and or Full HD, then this app is just the one you need. The video length is also unlimited with no ads to disturb your recording. Meaning that you can enjoy virtually all goodies of the app without any watermark hindrance.

Android screen recorder

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Beside the fact that you can record your phone screen using this app, you will also be able to record audio as well and thus makes it a multi-task screen recorder app for Android.

Android screen recorder

These Android screen record apps are best of their kind and their by no means the most downloaded Android screen recorder app. In case you favorite is not listed, kindly drop your comment review about it in the comment section and we may perhaps and include it during our next update.


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