6 Amazing Feature Of Android One Infinix Hot 2

Android One from Infinix and Camon C8 from Tecno keep amazing me and I can’t keep off my mind from these two devices. The long awaited Android one which has been launched in India for months find its way downside Nigeria road and Nigerians too can now have a feel of Android one.

Android one

The said Android one isn’t just an Android that runs the normal Android OS but comes with the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 which is my core area of attention. The way Google is rolling our OS for Android device is making the mobile world competitive, when Camon 8 came, we made a shout out that it possess the best Camera ever from Tecno mobile but here is another great from from Infinix mobile, Infinix hot 2 with some amazing features that you may never find in other Infinix brand.

Those amazing features of Infinix hot 2 is what we are considering here and these features may ends up manipulate your mind that your next device should be Android one.

Android One Top 6 Amazing Features Out Of The Numerous Feature

We are not giving a hand review of Android one yet, rather we are currently informing you the top 6 amazing features you will enjoy when you choose to go with Infinix hot 2 (Android one).

  1. You can update your OS directly on your Android which is currently available on Google Nexus for the next years
  2. Come to think of customization, you are with the best device. If your uniqueness is different from others taste, Android one makes this possible and personalizing your device is one of the top most priorities.
  3. The quickest is the quick access settings of the device
  4. Battery is another feature that will amaze you on Android one. The device is equipped with better battery management alongside with battery save feature. With these, you don’t need addition apps to help saves your battery usage.
  5. Yes, here is what you will enjoy most on Android one, “Data management”. If you are not into using WiFi all day long, you must attest to this that the rate at which Android drains battery with its underground apps isn’t friendly, but with Data Management feature on Android one, you can easily disable the background data and reduce your data consumption easily.
  6. Google Device Assist:

Android one 2

I think am seeing this for the first time on device like this, the Google device assist help to manage and run your Android one to fulfil its dream. The device assisted feature helps to troubleshoot your device when the need arise to get the best out of its performance and funny enough, the assisted device app is only available on Android one.

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