6 Ways To Break Into Android Lock Screen

To prevent un-authorized access to your Android phone, you need to take your device security measure very important. By default on Android, there are some handful ways you can use to prevent an unwanted access to your Android. Out of the numerous ways to ensure maximum security on your Android phone, the two most widely used ones are the pattern lock and the use of personal identification number (PIN). But it is quite pathetic that you can be locked out of your own Android device when you input the wrong PIN or draw wrong lock pattern multiple of times or perhaps when you make use of pattern lock you cannot easily remember which you may end up forgetting.

Break into Android lock screen

It is definitely going to be frustrating when you are locked out of your own Android phone, and the set back can last for days if you don’t know what exactly to do to unlock your locked Android phone but can be less frustrating to unlock your Android locked screen following the ways below.

6 Ways To Break Into Android Lock Screen

We present before you the best 6 ways you can use to break into your Android lock screen when you are locked out of your own Android device. Note that you may not need to try all the ways but endeavour to read through and see which one will work best for you so as to regain access to your Android lock screen once again and to safe your time.

Use Google Android Device Manager

By default, you can unlock Android lock screen using Google Android device manager and do some sort of things with it like erasing your files when misplaced, ring it continuously and send a warning message to the victim. To use this Google Android manager to unlock your locked Android screen, follow this procedure below.

Go to Google Android manager and sign in with you associated Google account in case you have more than one Gmail account.

On the left side beneath location map, click on the lock option and set a temporary password to enables you to regain access to your locked Android. Note that this will by default override PIN if used and unlock your locked pattern when you input the newly set password on Google Android device manager.

You may choose to fill other options like phone number, screen message and after that click on lock and if successful, a successful message will pop up notifying you that you have successfully changed your password and you can now use the same password your entered to access your locked Android device.

After that, go to your Android device and enter the new password you set using Google Android device manager and you are good to go.

Break Into Android 4.4 Below Lock Screen (Pattern)

This method let you break into Android whose OS is below version 4.4 with lock screen. Many times, you will be locked out of your Android device when you try to enter incorrect PIN or draw your lock pattern multiple times, which usually last for few minutes if you do not alter the pattern lock out settings.

If you mistakenly draw the wrong pattern and you are sure that you can still remember your lock screen pattern, then wait for a while and then try to re-draw you lock pattern again to gain access but if you have forgotten the lock pattern, then try this.

When you can’t still get access to the lock screen, click on forget pattern below the screen and follow the on-screen instruction to use forget pattern to gain access to your Android. This varies from Android to Android, you may be asked to answer your security question, enter you recovery PIN and or asked to enter your associated Gmail account and Google will mail you the forgotten lock pattern.

Use Lock Bypass App To Break Into Android Lock Screen

This method only work when you locked Android is online or connected to the internet before the incident happens and it’s at the same time signed into your Gmail account. Be smart with Bypass app for lock pattern as it can wipe your files if used carelessly.

To re-gain access to your Android lock screen using Bypass App for Android, you have to read our previous article that detailed how you can access Android lock screen using Bypass App.

Break Into Android Lock Screen Using Samsung’s Find My Mobile Tool

This technique work perfectly on almost all Samsung Android devices, and if you are using Samsung, you should find this method very helpful. Samsung’s find my mobile tool has some features that will be of great benefits to you such as to unlock your locked Android phone, control you’re your phone even out of your reach and do some sort of things on the phone. The demerit of this method is that, you must be registered member before you can use it and it must be connected to the internet while on locked screen.

Go to Samsung’s find my mobile tool and login with your registered details. In case you cannot remember your login details, use password recovery option.

While on the window screen, you registered phone and some options you can perform with it will display, then locate the “unlock my screen” option under protect my “privacy option”.

If you follow this correctly, your locked Android screen should be accessible after few seconds and you can now re-gain access to your device.

Break Into Android Lock Screen Using Command

This is a very powerful option that can easily be used to unlock a locked Android pattern. It works on Windows and Mac OS. The only demerit associated with this method is that, you must have enabled debugging before you were locked out of your Android.

Download Android SDK, extract it to an appropriate location and install the necessary file. Now, connect your locked out screen phone to your system using USB and wait for couple of minutes for you device to be ready for use.

Launch you command line and click on enter. On Windows follow this: Start—type “cmd” and click enter and on Mac, navigate to find finder app—commande+spacebar—type “Terminal’ and hit the enter button.

Now, type dir and click enter to see the list of files contained in the directory and locate the adb.exe file.

To now use it to unlock your android, type adb –d shell into the command line and click on enter. Then, when this is done correctly, disconnect your Android and reboot it and by now you should gain full access to your device without lock screen.

Break Into Android Lock Screen Using Factory Reset

Do not use this method if you have some valuable data on your phone and you have not backed it up for a while. Using this factory reset option to unlock your Android will wipe away everything on your phone and behold, it will turn your Android device to a new device. To break into your Android lock screen read complete guide on how to factory reset your Android phone


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