9 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About FIFA 16

FIFA 15 disappears into the air and FIFA 16 swaps it way in, what a wow in world of FIFA game. Many FIFA game lover have started thinking about how to pre-order FIFA 16 and forget about FIFA 15 but their some amazing facts you need to know about FIFA 16 that will open your mind about what to expect in FIFA 16 when it’s total available for the  public.

It’s obvious that the end is better than the beginning thereof; with FIFA 16, there are more to it that to just play the game. But you need to think about the quality of the graphics, the new design, then introduction of women league in the latter version of the game and etcetra.

The dead of FIFA 15 truly gave a re-birth of FIFA 16 and more of what FIFA gamers have been expecting over the year base on their experience with FIFA game, nevertheless here are 9 amazing facts you probably don’t know yet about FIFA 16.


1. There Are People Worldwide Watching Football For Work

To start with, you need to think how player stat is being allocated and what brought about ranking in the world of football. Obviously, it not what a head can do, it has to do with lot of people watching football and giving their remarks about each player base on number, say 1-5. Conventionally, their lot of people around the world whose job is to watch and analyse the match they have just watched.

Often, there is a lot of contemplation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and it is very had to differentiate between the two players when they are playing themselves, and here is where the number one thing you don’t know about FIFA 16 comes into play, there is now a glaring differences between the two super star when they play each on the recent FIFA 16 according to “prior” which has hitherto brings a lot of improvement.

2. Pro Players Complain About Their Stats

It takes two to tangle but it takes one to make a decision, pro players have been complaining over time about their stats, how they perform while on the field and found that most of them perform far from what they actually perform on real live game, and as such, FIFA 16 is bringing almost the exact stats of individual players as analysed by football analyst.

3. FIFA 16 Seems Not To Be Too Real

Football is fun while playing it , even if you can’t hit a pass in the real life and as a result of the fun derived in game of football, FIFA 16 does not deprive gamer the right to enjoy the game by adding little of entertainment which does not sincerely makes the game total real.

4. There Isn’t Bias In The Game

In the day of FIFA 15, you actually get what you play and not the other way round. Which implies that your input into the game in terms of performs will determine your level of expert and it does not mean it was developed against you if can’t survive the career mode in the game.

5. FIFA 16 Include Women’s Football As A New Deal

It is quite obvious that the mode of women’s game differs from the way of men and here FIFA 16 has finally included women’s football in the league. Nevertheless, we still cannot compare women’s game and mode of playing with the way men’s play but it is indeed a great improvement and that it’s coming live on FIFA 16.

6. Improvement In Long Short In FIFA 16

With the look of things, FIFA 16 defender seems to be better in terms of putting all effort to get the ball from opponent than FIFA 2015. The gimmick behind seems to be unknown but I think it was probably it’s quite very much easy to have a edge ahead of the keeper and by having a better defender, the goal keeper will be a little better secure.

7. Becoming A Better Player With FIFA 16

The best place to experience this is to try it online, if you have for once tried to play season directly online, you might have the sense of seeing the impossible from good player. The impossible here in FIFA 16 is that the game introduces a training section so that you can practice to mastering of each step before dabbling into playing with other teams.


8. FIFA Actually Look Like PES

The two close rival in the football game are the FIFA and Pro Evolution, if you can’t fall for the two, you will actually want to try to play at least one. But the fact is being rivalry with another company isn’t really the problem but ability to give the best and that is exactly what FIFA 16 is doing.

9. FIFA 16 Is Better Than Other FIFA’s

It is obvious that as technology broadens so also would new innovation come into play, and as such new development is expected. FIFA 16 cannot in any ways be compared with FIFA 15 downward. There are new features, better graphic design of FIFA 16 compared to FIFA 15. There is no benefit doubt that when FIFA 16 is available for all sundry to play, the enjoyment will actually be to the fullest.

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