Ad-Sense Theme Review: Boost Your AdSense Earning With Ad-Sense Theme

Back in the days, it was very difficult for me to select the best WordPress theme and boost my AdSense earning easily.

The idea then was that, I want to get a nice WordPress theme to give my blog a nice look without coding, or having a knowledge to code or having to interact with the WordPress code before my blog could look extremely nice for me.

One of my top most priority them was to earn big with my AdSense and other contextual ads network, such as and

But then, I don’t only opted in for a search engine optimization (SEO) WordPress theme I also try few of the available free WordPress themes but none works and could help boost my AdSense earning.

One funny thing about going for a free WordPress theme then was due to lack of premium support, I could not easily solve most problems then and thus, I keep changing themes days and night which however, hurts my blog the more because I could not interact with the code section (Poor me then). But thank Good for premium WordPress theme that makes everything easy to do and achieve.

If you a WordPress blogger, there is possibility that you have used Free WordPress theme in the past, which will called Freemium, to be frank nothing like premium WordPress theme.

Not quit long a friend shared one of MyThemeShop WordPress theme with me which wasn’t the cheapest theme and it may not be a theme for everyone who can’t afford to spend few cash on customization.

Here I will be sharing be sharing a quick review of Ad-Sense theme and overview which is currently the best premium WordPress theme to boost your AdSense earning. With hundreds of free theme WordPress on MyThemeshop, and Ad-Sense Theme, have launched series of plugin and niche blog theme for WordPress that will easily boost your AdSense earning without any trick.

Ad-Sense theme does not only customize to give your blog a beautiful look; it’s also include varieties of features that set it apart from other themes. Here in Ad-Sense theme review, I will be sharing with you the core feature of the new theme from MyThemeshop.


Ad-Sense Theme Review: It’s Affordable

One of the best thing about Ad-Sense theme is that, it is affordable. The deal of getting one is quiet not costly. Unlike other premium themes which charge between $70-$200 for single theme, and not that alone. Some will not allow you use the theme on more than one website or blog. With Ad-Sense theme, you only have to pay $19 with coupon code: AdSense19 instead of the normal $47.

And after that, you have access to the full theme package and no annual renew fee for developer package.

Ad-Sense Theme Review: Best Features

Ad-Sense theme features is un-quantifiable as it is. The theme makes life easy for blogger that doesn’t have the knowledge of coding with a responsive design and ability to respond to all gadget dimension.

Few of the features that attracts me the most in Ad-Sense theme for boosting AdSense earning include:

  1. Mobile friendly
  2. Most Ad friendly theme
  3. Translation ready theme
  4. Search engine optimized theme
  5. Adblock theme enable to increase AdSense earning
  6. Easy to customize
  7. Ads management position
  8. Inbuilt navigating feature
  9. Integration
  10. WordPress shortcode enable theme
  11. Theme support 24/7

How to Increase AdSense Earning With Ad-Sense Theme (Ad-Sense Theme Review)

One core goal of the entire blogger in blogosphere is to increase AdSense earning daily with or without increase in traffic. But how do you increase your AdSense earning without increment in your blog traffic?

That is exactly the question Ad-Sense theme provide an answer to. One of the feature that separates Ad-Sense theme from other themes is that it has an inbuilt adblock feature that easily popop a warning for visitors that uses adblock access your website to either disable the adbloack feature to access your website content or move away from your website gently.

And with that, there is a possibility for visitor to click on your ads display which is your goal and best way to earn from AdSense.

If you want to know whether the adblock feature of Ad-Sene theme is superb or not, just enable adblock on your website and refresh.

Ad-Sense Theme Review Testimony

With Ad-Sense theme, I was able to earn three times my normal AdSense earning in previous month from AdSene alone, see screenshot below.

Since have been using Ad-Sense theme, it has been a great way to help boost my AdSense earning with the same amount of traffic I used to have in the past that gave me low earning.

Ad-Sense Theme Review

Ad-Sense theme is currently the best premium WordPress theme to boost AdSense earning for bloggers. The theme cost as low as $19 using this coupon code (AdSense19). Read more about Ad-Sense WordPress Theme

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