Advantages of National Open University of Nigeria

Their some Advantages of National Open University of Nigeria that people are not taking into consideration. Going to National Open University will give you some edges ahead of those that sees NOUN as a non-perfect University for themselves.

If you care about going to National Open University of Nigeria, below are the advantages you will enjoy during your course of study in the institution.

Advantages Of National Open University Of Nigeria

This post is base on my experience with few of my colleagues that went to National Open University and it prone to individual differences but as far as they are concern, they too recorded the following advantages and they make it open discussion.

1. No Strike

I remembered vividly that we had a 3 month strike the first year I got admitted into University back in the days which amount to waste of time. In most Universities in Nigeria, strike is actually their loyalty anthem to the nation but I have never heard any of my colleagues that goes to NOUN complaining of strike. National Open University 4 years program is always exact and their is no addition except such a student have to spill over.

2. You Can Sponsor Yourself

This is one of the advantages of National Open University of Nigeria. If you are the workaholic one, you can sponsor your education in NOUN. Without enjoying any scholarship or if you have no sponsorship, you can enjoy quality academic qualification of your choice in NOUN.

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You can be a student of National Open University of Nigeria and at the same time working on part time basis to earn your sponsorship without telling anyone about your goal.

3. Go  For Lecture At Will

If you are a working class before coming to NOUN, there is nothing to worry about as you will still have time for your daily job. Going for lecture is at will, you choose to for lecture when you feel like unlike like some other Universities where attendance is very compulsory.

4. Their Student Where Not Barred From NYSC

For the fact that National Open University of Nigeria graduates do not have the privilege of going for their NYSC for now does not mean the students do not have access to Nation Youth Service Corps. It’s just that, it was assumed that students going to National Open University of Nation is above 30 years of age and once you are above that, you will be given and exception NYSC letter which qualifies you into the same position for a student that went for service in the labour market.

5. Online Text And Exams For The First Two Years

If you are the smart type, you can score everything in your test called “TMA” and score above average in your exam. For the first two years, it’s all about online for both TMA and exams,meaning that your test can be answered online where ever you are as long as there in internet connection.

There are still some advantages of Nation Open University of Nigeria which you will definitely enjoy when you end up finding yourself in the institution.

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