Airtel Cheapest Data Plan For Android Smartphone

Android users suffers a lot when it comes to data plans and enjoying sufficient browsing stuff on their Android device. Only few of those that are using Android are not complaining about their data subscription, and it gives almost all of us headache and is like network provider are not really concern about how Android users go about surfing the internet at will.

Cheapest data plan goes to BlackBerry that almost last for good solid one month if not used with any other device and they can download at will unlike Android users.

I remembered complaining about my Android data plan that got finished in just seven days last month by calling my service provider customer care but I was told, that was how it goes and I was baffled.

The cheapest data plan for Android users ate not really cheap but they are manageable to some extent. I and group of friends have tried them all and we then settle for those ones.

We all know that we pay for the value of our money and not the data now even when the weather condition is not favourable, things still goes the way it is programmed.

However, here are the best 3 Airtel cheapest data plan for Android users, their price, validity, and data cap.

Airtel cheapest data plan for Android

Cheapest Android Data Plan For Android User

The first data plan goes for #1500 for 3GB and it will last for a month depending on the usage. To subscribe to this plan, just recharge the required amount and dial *440*16#  and you will be given 3GB data instantly.

The second plan goes for #2000 for 4GB and it will last for 30 days which is a linear dependent of your usage. To subscribe to this plan, recharge the exact amount or more and dial *440*161# and you will be charged #2000 while you will be given 4GB for 30 days.

This last one is actually what I called cheapest Airtel data plan for Android and it goes for #3500. This is actually the cheapest and you will be given 9GB for 30 days. To subscribe to this plan, dial *438*1# and you will charged 3500 for a month.

Airtel seems to be the best you can work with if you are a student, when you recharge above #200 you will be given 200% bonus, so you can use this airtel cheapest data plan for Android to enjoy 2in1 benefits and you are on the good.

Which Airtel cheapest plan can you recommend for Android user? Kindly share the one you are using with us!

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