Android Back Button Not Working; Try This Technique

Android Back button and menu button can be funny some time when its start malfunctioning. Of recent I faced difficulties in using my Samsung Galaxy S5 back button, thinking that I can be get going with it but, I couldn’t. I then let it be and concentrate on my Tecno M3 but after a while, the menu button stopped working as well, making the issue a complicated one

Then, the question ran through my mind and asked, what would you do now? Pathetic and could not help but after a long search I found a lasting solution to the malfunctioning back button and the menu button and I was able to bring the button back to life without taking either of the device to an Engineer.

Disadvantage of Back Button And Menu Button Not Working

There are quite a number of disadvantages associated with these two buttons not functioning. But the one that caught my attention was when I was reading a crucial article online and need to respond to a message on Whatsapp and discovered that my menu button is not functioning,all hands down.

Android Back Button And Menu Button Not Working: Try This.

Thank God for various apps that do work on Android devices and here today, we are going to consider using a powerful app that take away the stress of battling with malfunctioning back button or menu button.

First and foremost, download Lazyswipe app and install the app.

Now, whenever you need a back button or menu button, swipe your finger at the edge of your device screen and you will see all your device apps including menu and way to homepage.


As you can see from above, it shows three different icons, the internet, favorite and the toolbox. The favorite section auto select your most used app while the Toolbox contain majorly the most important part of your device which enable you to surf the internet.

To close the LazySwipe, click on the star button at the center of the three sections and you will be able to return to your previous page.

With this LazySwipe app, you should be able to bring back to life your device back button and menu button respectively if malfunctioning.

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