Android Smartphone Vs Blackberry: Which One Is The Best?

Android Smartphone is a great device and Blackberry isn’t just a device but a great device as well. This was what a friend who was a Blackberry geek from his day one and not even planning to have a taste of Android of any brand acknowledged. To worsen the whole story, I told him about Tecno Camon C8, the Android device with dual LED but turned me down profusely that he can never go for Android phone aside.

Even as a tech geek, it’s not possible to understand what Android device can do but at least, Android device does thing perfectly most of the time, so also is blackberry. The way their countless apps for Android so also you can find your way around Blackberry but he isn’t satisfy with my point to convince him that Blackberry is not better of Android.

One of the facts he conceded was that Android roll has different operating system at different time and it makes the device more flexible. He doesn’t care about what a rooted Android device can do; neither did he care about rooting a device

It’s obvious that, to win an argument, you need to proof yourself practically, however all pioneer ways I knew could convinced him didn’t work for him rather it complicated the whole story. Nevertheless, I never settle for his opinion as well but here he shared his own personal opinion why Blackberry is better than Android and why he would always go for Blackberry instead of Android.

Blackberry Vs Android Smartphone; Which One Is The Best?

This is his personal opinion and it’s not a subject of my contribution as to whether his opinion was right about Android and Blackberry since everybody is the architect of his of way of life.

Data Subscription

To start with, he started by saying Android consume a lot of that even though I have not used it before but I heard people complain about it all the time. Yes, there are reasonable ways to coin your Android to use or consume lesser data than expected but on Blackberry, all things being equal, you don’t need any manipulation.

Come to think of it, Android data plan goes for at least 1 thousand on all network in the country but Blackberry user enjoyed 3GB at the same rate, isn’t that great?

A friend said he uses SimpleServer of which you (Thegeekiepedia) posted on your site and it works but what if there is no SimpleServer, what would you do? On Android, 1GB is just like 200MB on Blackberry.

So, it’s crystal clear that in terms of Data plan, Blackberry is better than Android and the point cannot be compromise.

Android is A Common Device

Despite the fact that, Android brand like Infinix, Huawei, Lenovo and some other Android device that rock the mobile market world doesn’t stop them from making them common in the street. Statistically, the number of Android user is more than Blackberry yet, Blackberry is still the best. It’s only the mature one that often go for Blackberry not because of pinging or whatsoever. However, I don’t despise whoever find pleasure in Android or have the preference of Android over Blackberry but it should be crystal clear that Android is better than Blackberry in my own opinion.

Too Many OS

Android Lollipop 5.1 is a great OS and the developers are revolving alongside what the latest technology is bringing toward them but there are not doing their anything so special to me. I prefer holding to my Blackberry than waiting for yearly update of the OS.

I know there is going to be a controversial issue on what I’m saying but I know what I stand for and for now, my full passion is on Blackberry and I sincerely love blackberry more than Android in any sense.

Guys, what do you think? Is Blackberry really better than Android? Shear your opinion!!!

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