Android Touchscreen Not Working: Fix It Here

If your Android touchscreen is not working, then here is a quick post on how you can fix it. Android with touchscreen is dominating all gadget in this 21st century. And touchscreen are at random replacing normal old keyboards both on phone/laptops/car-stereo. If your Android touchscreen is not working, it can barely turn your day to a boring one even at the midst of your colleague. Not that the device is totally down,  but you will not really be able to carry out some task like you used to do.

Why Is My Android Touchscreen Not Working

Your Android touchscreen can stop working at any time without prior notice and you will just discover that it’s not really responding as expected. Few of the things that can cause your Android device to stop working include the following.

Over Usage Of Your Android Device

Yes, when you over use your Android device it can start to stop responding and does causes the touchscreen to stop responding. Android touchscreen is like part of human body, when over used it might needed some rest to bring it back to normal. Despite your Android is a machine, it as well need to rest for a while and stop over using it all through.

Android Touchscreen Can Stop Working When Contact Virus.

We all heard of virus and in fact, we don’t want to have or play with them around but for a programmer, virus is a normal thing. When your Android contacted virus via any means it can slow down your Android phone and does causes the touchscreen not to start responding.

If Your Android Falls From A Very High Place

It is quite obvious that normal body is perfect but we can all be conscious of what we do. If you Android phone mistakenly fall down from 5-10m, you should expect some kind of malfunctioning which could result from the device touchscreen not working.

Too Many App Can Stop Your Android Touchscreen From Working

This is one of the reasons why it’s advisable to go for a better device that have a better RAM/ROM if you are the gaming type. Running out of memory on your Android can start making your Android touchscreen malfunctioning. If however you cannot do without gaming, then get the best and play around with them.

Android Touchscreen Not Working

When You Open Too Many Apps, Your Android Screen Can Stop Responding.

This is another benefit of Android phone but user’s tend to abuse it. When you open more apps that consume virtually the entire memory of your device, then you need to start thinking about your device screen to stop responding in some sense.

However, few of this contributes to the reason why your Android touchscreen stop working or responding as expected and below is what to do to let your Android touchscreen start working again without engineering it.

Android Touchscreen Not Working: Fix It Here

If your Android Touchscreen is not working and you really like to fix it, then you can try the following guideline below.

Reboot  Your Android Device

First thing that would likely come to your mind when the touchscreen of your Android stop working would be, should I reboot the device? Of course that is the first that should come to your mind. In most cases, Android lock screen or when you lock apps on your device brings about screen not responding and as such, you need to reboot the device.

How To Reboot Android When The Touchscreen Is Not Working.

You might probably face difficulties in rebooting your Android phone when the touchscreen is not responding but you can try the following steps to see if it would work for your.

  • Grab your Android device and press power button for about 10-20 seconds until the screen goes blank
  • Let the device be for some minute and then power it own again the way you used to.

Remove Memory Card, Battery And SIM Card

If your device features a removable battery, then remove it and with it the memory card and SIM card for some seconds before you couple it back. By now, the device touchscreen should be working.

Remove Any Phone Casing

Phone casing are very good at protecting your device from getting scratch but at the same time, it can let your device start malfunction. Once you notice that the touchscreen is no longer responding,do remove the casing and give it a breathing space for a while.

Factory Reset Your Android Phone

This is ridiculous and you may not want to do it. Nevertheless is another option that you cannot forgone if you have tried the steps above and your Android touchscreen is still not working. Then you need to hard reset the device to restore the device to its original factory configuration but note that your data will be erased totally without any remedy except you have a backup already.

Click On The Screen Continuous

This is not highly recommended but you may try it. I’s quite obvious that Android touchscreen can start malfunctioning if the device falls continuously and as such it damages the digitizer cable to loose it contact with the device motherboard. So, if your device touchscreen is not working after you have tried the above steps, then start by knocking the device gently at the edge continuously and it may start working but it has to be gently.

Android touchscreen not responding is a general problem most Android user’s encounter so you are not alone. Trying these method one after the other can help to revive your Android touchscreen if not working. Please do  leave a comment if your Android touchscreen is still not working after you have tried the above steps and do share the post with your friends on social media to have a feel of how they can revive their Android touchscreen when not working or responding.


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