Apple iPhone 7 Rumoured With Strong Waterpoof

Reviewers don’t want to talk about Apple iPhone 7 which is the latest Apple because of the downside of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, nevertheless a report from China reveal that Apple iPhone 7 will be stronger than iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus and will made use of 7000 aluminium used for Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s plus but in an advanced way.

Apple probably chose to use this strong material in Apple iPhone 7 to prevent the bending that occur in iPhone 6.

Weibo site revealed that the Apple iPhone 7 will be made with material that will be make the gadget a highly water resistance. In a simple language, the iPhone 7 will be marketed in the verge of it being highly waterproofed.


According to rumour Apple iPhone 7 will offer dual SIM and claimed that the production volume of the iDevice will be low for a start. For the fact that apple iPhone 7 will breach the gap between Apple and Samsung Galaxy X5 will want to make Apple fans to play around with Apple iPhone 7.

Watch out for Applied iPhone 7 with strong Waterproof

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