Apple TV 4: 3 Strong Reasons To Upgrade To Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4 rumour is trending across the internet which rumour says it will arrive next month or perhaps during Apple’s iPhone event. If you are not planning to upgrade to Apple TV 4, here in this post, you will see 3 strong reasons why you should at least endeavour to switch to the new Apple TV 4.

Since 2012, nothing new about Apple TV has happened over the internet as such, so release an upgrade of the last version really worth it. Without really thinking outside the box, there are certainly newer set-top boxes out there that are sincerely better than Apple TV when it comes to features. Come to think of brand like Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3, Google Nexus player and most importantly, Chromecast and the Fire TV Stick which can easily be used to stream phone video directly on your TV.

And as regarding the rumour, it seem Apple has finally re-tightened it belt and think about releasing Apple TV 4 where all Apple fan are expecting the newest Apple TV next month, and as matter of fact that would be a perfect time for the upgrade to be released.

The rumour concerning Apple TV 4 reveals that it is at this time wearing a new design from outside, likely to be thinner and shorter compared to the older version. However, the new look is not even a single reason why you should consider upgrading to Apple TV 4.

3 Strong Reasons Why You Should Buy Apple TV 4

  1. Apple TV App Store

Apple TV 4,

It is quite obvious that Apple TV have some channels that were approved by Apple and that users were allowed to access. On Apple, only fewer broadcast companies and streaming companies are allowed to have their business channel on Apple TV. We are hoping that, that would change with Apple TV 4, as it was rumoured that the new device will features it own app store. In simple term, this means that only iOS developer will be able to develop their own Apple TV app and may ends up making the set-top box goes viral.

Despite the fact that, iOS developers will be giving the privilege to create their own Apple TV app, they still have to obey all rules and regulation that guides creating an Apple app.

Apple TV 4 Introduce Streaming Service

Apple TV 4.

Just like Chromecast and Fire TV Stick, you will be able to stream on your Apple TV 4 according to the rumour. Specifics can be scarce if you take note, but this time it would be like Sling TV and would offer a handful of popular channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC and some other channels which is rumoured to be around 20 channels. The monthly fee service is a costier when compared to Sling TV monthly fee $20/month. Rumour says that the monthly fee would be around $30-$40/month but we never can tell whether it would offer something better than Sling TV.

For Apple TV 4 to be able to feet in into the competition it has to be able to withstand Sling TV good deed. Over time, Sling TV has gotten a great feedback and users are really happy with what they pay for. So, in lieu of the Apple TV 4, we should expect that it would be able to compete with some other great competitors outside Sling TV, competitors such as Amazon instant video, Hulu and perhaps Netflix.

Apple TV 4 Features New Remote Control

Apple TV 4

If there is no specific reason why you should go for Apple TV 4, the newly featured remote according to the rumour will convince you. As far back as 2007, Apple TV has been using the same remote control but according to the rumour, Apple TV 4 is featuring a overhaul over the old remote and the gadget is at this time featuring a touchpad which would purposely used for navigation on both menu and content very fast. The touchpad is area of attraction; this will make typing very fast and easier on the on screen keyboard.

 Apple TV 4 is coming soon and a lot is expected from the device when its finally storm the market, let hope for the next month and see how good the gadget would be.

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