Bank Verification Number (BVN) Closing Date In Nigeria

Have you done your Bank Verification Number registration? I think you still have few days to do that so that you will just lose your account and all that you have on the account. Just around this time last Friday, I discovered I have not submitted my bank verification number to First bank for verification, and of course first thing to do tomorrow morning.

The closing date of BVN registration which was shifted few months ago will be closing October 31st, so if you have not done your, kindly go ahead and do that.

Bank verification number

The processes is quite easy, just head to your bank, GTbank for instance and request for Bank verification number form, fill the form, and let the cahser or your bank BVN attendant take the necessary detail they need for your BVN and then you are good to go.

Once you register any of your banks, you can easily take the registration number to any other banks and request for BVN form submition and that is all.

You don’t need the whole day to register your BVN, with in 20-30 minutes you will be done with the registration if you are the only or one of the first 10 customers that wanted to register for their bank verification number.

The requirement is very simple, just your account number, finger print and passport to be taken right in the bank. And once your BVN is ready, it will be forwarded to your mobile number or better still you can check bank after 2-3 days and ask whether it is ready in case they did not send it to you and then take it to your next bank for documentation.

I would advise you to spare few minutes of your time to do your bank verification number  to redeem your money from your bank no matter how small the amount it.

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