BBC Technology Vs Mind: BBC Technology Lets You Change Channel With Your Mind Without Remote Control

Technology is growing everyday and new things are getting involved in everyday. BBC technology and peoples mind can eventually work together with the help of brainwave (perfect).

Lay man definition of technology is simply a method or process that enable man to process their various need. And with your mind at alert, you can easy change your BBC channel without touching the remote, or without using the voice command like your do with your Xbox.

New Broadcasting House

This is still an experimental technology for now which is built to give a new idea on how future technology might be or relevant. According to BBC, the mind with BBC channel changer will work for everyone that has used it in testing BBC.

How it will end up working is straight forward; it works by using a specific sensor which is to rest on your forehead to read your brainwave, and the second sensor attached to your ear with clip. The sensor is design in such a way that it would track the movement of electricity around the brain, taking note of your concentration, and then fill up the area that has the highest percentage of concentration and thus, trigger an automatic change on the screen.

If at the end, the new innovation could be used to create an iPlayer that would be very much helpful to less privilege or disabled ones. Thus, making it extremely easy for the disabled one to control technology with their mind without necessarily need to make use of their hand.

The relevance of this new development in future might end up being what we cannot afford to encourage making things very easy with the help of technology.

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