Beyond Two Souls Confirmed Coming To PS4 Next Week

Beyond two souls

Beyond two souls brings the latest news of the week to PS4 game console. If there is any PS console you probably don’t want to hangs out with, then PS4 should not be among now that beyond two souls is confirmed coming into the console game next week.

The point and black PS3 title, Heavy rain and beyond two console are coming to PS4 next week (Confirmed). As it was stated, beyond two souls and heavy rain will be coming to PS4 on November 24th in the US ($29.99) and November 26th in Europe (€29.99/£24.99).

The hidden fact is that when you buy the game just that way, you will get direct access to Heavy Rain discount.

As confirmed by Quantic Dream, The Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection. That’ll arrive on March 4th in the UK and March 2nd for the rest of Europe.

Astually, there is no news concerning the price and our suspect on that is when Heavy rain will be launch generally.

This is absolutely a good new for PS4 game console owner that hence forth, they will enjoy beyond two souls and Heavy rain on PS4 as from next week.


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