Blackberry Classic Non Camera Price And Specs

Blackberry classic non camera is another emerging Blackberry latest brand with some of its features just like Blackberry classic which was released in 2014 but in the part of Blackberry classic non camera, the blackberry is powered by 1.5GHz QUALCOMM Snapdragon S4 plus (MSM8960), 2GB RAM and 16 GB in-built storage.

The 3.5-inch Blackberry classic non-camera differs from Blackberry classic in the area of its photographic feature. Blackberry classic is powered by Blackberry OS 10.31 with 2515mAh battery capacity. Another feature that differentiate Blackberry classic non camera form blackberry classic is the QWERTY keypad and the device also feature a non-removable battery this time around, just like HTC devices are and they are doing pretty cool with their in-built battery.

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Blackberry does not just come with giving their fan device that won’t satisfy their desire to the fullest, but this time around, Blackberry classic non-camera were mainly for those that works in the area where the user of device with camera are not allowed for the purpose of security.

Blackberry camera is one of the expected Smartphone from Blackberry which is yet to be made available but for those would quickly identify the usefulness of this device, most especially an organization where secrecy is what they deal with, Blackberry classic non camera is highly recommended for their employers.

Blackberry classic non camera is not yet available in the world market except the pre-order. You can pre-order your own for just $399.99 from Verizon or Amazon so that you would be able to get your own as soon as it’s released.


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