BlackBerry Venice Price, Specs, And Release Date

Blackberry Venice will hit the market by November and now all BlackBerry fan that love to have a taste of Android OS can set out for Blackberry Venice when released. The rumour skyrocketing everywhere on the internet now is about the new release of another great BlackBerry called BlackBerry Venice that will bring Android OS to BlackBerry for the first time.

In the recent year, it wasn’t easy for BlackBerry to compete the mobile world with majority of the devices that runs on Android OS but now BlackBerry have made a turn back and wanted its fans to have a taste of Android OS on it new device called Venice. What bothers me now is that, would the turnaround for BlackBerry bring things back to normal or what?

BlackBerry Venice

BlackBerry Venice Design/Look

In a rumour from a French company, it reveals the details of Venice design exactly how the new Blackberry Android device looks. The new BlackBerry features a SIM card slot and MicroSD at the top of the device headset which will likely set a pace ahead of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for the lack of expandable MicroSD.

BlackBerry Venice

The device is rumoured to be in curved form with a rear woven like, almost Kevlar effect. The camera sensor of the device is dual-LED flash.

Another thing that really caught my attention includes the facts that are we to start expecting BlackBerry Venice during IFA 2015?

BlackBerry Venice Specs

BlackBerry Venice specs claim to have featured a QHD display, 3GB RAM, 18 MP for the primary camera, and featuring at least 3000mAh battery capacity, and according to phonearena, it was revealed that the Venice security with be second to none.

BlackBerry Venice

It was also found that the BlackBerry Venice specs also include a secondary camera of 5 MP for perfect selfie, video call etc and also a 1.8 GHz Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor. The display size of Venice is said to be 5.4 inches.

BlackBerry Venice Release Date

Officially, BlackBerry Venice should be available in November and it was confirmed for November release on all four major US carriers. With BlackBerry Venice knocking at your door, you will be able to have a taste of Android OS on your Blackberry.

For me personally, this is indeed a throwback from BlackBerry and thus gives BlackBerry a chance among the best Android phone.

What do you think about BlackBerry Venice hitting the mobile market so hard?

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