How To Blocked Facebook Game Requests

Facebook game request serve as a distraction to most people on Facebook most especially those that are not Facebook addict. It’s very easy to stop getting game requests on Facebook simply by blocking game request on the popular social network. The fun part of this is that you can block all Facebook game request at once without blocking your friend that sent it if you so wish.

The said annoying Facebook game request does not only distract attention of PC but also comes up on devices like iPhone, smartphones, Android etc since they do come inform of request notification, however there is a very simple task you will undergo if you want to block Facebook game request notification on your Facebook account without blocking any of you friends.

But before that, don’t forget that Facebook is one of the most populous social network if not the populous with millions of users every day, and as a result; catching fun on Facebook become very easy and part of those funs including sending game request to your friend on Facebook and so both of you can catch fun together, therefore I think you don’t really need to see this as total distraction but a mean of catching fun with few other friends who are really game addict.

So in this post, I’m sharing with you the step by step procedure I followed to block all Facebook game request on my Facebook account without blocking any of my Facebook friends or offending such a friend.

To block any game request on Facebook, there are two ways; One of which you can block all game request at once or block a selected game request on the page so that on the long run you will still have direct access to those that you have not blocked.

How I Block Facebook Game Request Without Blocking My Friends

If you want to do this without any hurdles or a kind of discouragement, I would advise you to make use of PC, so that you won’t find it very stressful.


Login to your Facebook account, locate Games under apps at the left-middle side of your screen and click on it.

Block Facebook game request 1


A new tab will open showing your gaming activities like game home, top chart, casual etc, as seen in the image below. Then hit the activity tab.

Block Facebook game request 2


Under activity, you will see “invites” and “request’, then click on invite since we only want to block all over game request.

Block Facebook game request 3


On the page that follows, all Facebook game request you have will be shown with one of the most populous game called Candy Crush Saga at the top and right in from of the CCS (Candy Crush Saga), you have the number of request and followed by ignore all option. And down below, all games would be listed with two options left for you; one with delete option and the order, accept option.

Block Facebook game request 4


If you so care about any of the games don’t delete it or accept the request or click on ignore all to ignore all Facebook game invites and you are done with blocking Facebook games. You can easily block Candy Crush Saga by just hitting the clickable link that says block candy crush saga and you are good to go.

Block Facebook game request 5

These steps are very simple and I believed that non-techie person should be able to handle it without calling for help or need any casual assistance. If however you still encounter any problem on how to block Facebook game request on your Facebook account or timeline, then we can help further if you leave a footprint of what difficulties you are facing in the comment section. If you enjoy this post, please share it with you friends.

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  1. hemant kumar arya Reply

    Great info sir. You made it really easy to understand. I just enjoyed this one. Now we can block Facebook game Invites in just one click.
    Thank you

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