Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable Charges iPhone 6 At A Distance

Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable simply rectifies the issues with Apple’s lightning cable. No more cable is too short with Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable, and no more complains that your iPhone 6 lightning cable isn’t long enough and you can charge at a distance with it.

With 6 foots Bolse’s cable, it covers a wide range and let you charge your iPhone 6 while sitting on the couch. The cable which is coated with a nylon jacket let you plug your iPhone 6 and use it at a distance, most especially when the wall socket still fall under the range of 6 foot.

Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable

The Bolse’s cable is made from a lightweight polycarbonate material and covered with a high tensile nylon design made with a cable tweed pattern. While most iPhone 6 cables often tangle and restrict the usability of the device, Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable is designed such a way that the device will not be able to tangle no matter how hard you tried to.

The beauty of the cable is that, you can plug it into the wall or computer and still charge your iPhone 6 conveniently while using it. Five foot away from your socket junction is still a better way to stand to charge your iPhone and make use it in the same wise.

 With this Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable, you don’t need an electrical re-wiring in your house, just get one and make charging so easy.

The Bolse’s cable is MFI certified, which implies that it works with PC and Mac when you connect it with it and auto-sync while charging.

Another thing to note about Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable is that, it bypasses the annoying message that often pop up on most computer while using them to charge your iPhone that “This accessory is not supported”.

The Bolse’s cable is available in black, green, light blue and yellow colour. The Bolse Cloth Jacket Lightning Cable is available in Amazon for $15 or $16 depending on the colour you preferred.

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