How To Buy MB From Glo Network (Internet Data Bundle)

If you would love to enjoy unstoppable internet browsing either on PC or on mobile, Glo internet data bundle is one of the viable one networks  you can easily make use to enjoy uninterrupted internet connection across Nigeria.

The longevity of your internet connection on Glo depend on your subscription and there are different ways that can be used to buy MB from Glo, however in this post, I will share with you 3 ways you can use to buy MB from Glo without stress or without having to call Glo customer service for data bundle activation.

MTN data bundle

BUY MB From Glo Through SMS

Glo data plan strings differs from one another, and for you to be able subscribe to the data plan; you must text TEXT to 127. To buy Glo MB that last for 30 days with just N1000, text 53 to 127 and this plan is called Glo Always Micro Plan.

Buy Glo Data Plan Through USSD

This is the simplest way to buy MB from Glo. To get hooked up with Glo Always Micro plan via USSD instead of using text message, you can easily dial *127*53# and you will be charged N1000 for 30 days.

Buy Mb From Glo HSI Portal

Glo HSI portal is an online means of buying Glo MB (internet data bundle). All you just need to do is go the HSI portal and select your desire plan, and thereafter click on BUY button and that is all. Note that this means of buying Glo internet ddata plan work on both PC and mobile.

These three methods work at all time, and you can use which one you ever think its suits you to buy MB from Glo at anytime, provided you have enough airtime on your Glo line.

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