How To Buy MB From MTN Network

We previously share with you on this blog how to buy MB from Glo earlier on and now we’ll be sharing with you how to buy MB from MTN Nigeria.

It’s intuitively obvious that before you can access the internet, you need MB on your phone or data bundle by default but getting to know how to buy MB from MTN is one of the greatest stress both mobile and smartphone users often encountered but with this post today, you will be walked through step by step on how you can easily buy Mb from MTN Nigeria.

MTN data bundle

One good thing about buying internet data bundle in Nigeria network is buying as you are capable. Several data bundle plans were slated for individual to buy as they can afford as long as you have equivalent airtime on your line.

Buy MB From MTN Via SMS

With this method, you can simply buy MTN internet data plan by just sending a text message string or code that officially represented the data plan you intend buying to 131. You can easily send 102 as an SMS string to 131 to subscribe to the data plan with 102 and your line would be credited with the MB instantly provided you have enough airtime on your line.

Buy MB From MTN Via USSD

This is the fastest means of buying internet data plan from most networks in Nigeria, MTN inclusive without going through the hustle of sending data string via SMS. All you just have to do is to find out the data plan code and dial it accordingly on your line as if you want to transfer airtime from your line to another. The easiest way to identify the desire plan is to dial *131*1# and select you desire plan ranging from daily plan to nigh plan or profoundly proceed to more plan depending on your choice.

NOTE: Before you can buy MB from MTN, you must have at least the exact amount on your line.

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