How I Made Google to Call my Phone When it Got Lost

Yes, Google called my phone when it got lost and it rang to my ultimate surprise. Call my phone for me is the fastest approach to locate your device when it got lost or you misplaced it.

But with Google find my phone omnibox search feature, I can easily call my phone using Google manager and it will ring where ever it is.

Funny right?

If you doubt it, read how I used Google find my phone and how locate my phone when I misplaced it doing some how chore. This is not a trick but one of Google’s search omnibox feature.

If you misplaced your phone or your phone got lost you can use this feature. One of the best way to find a lost or stolen phone is to use Google find my phone to call your phone or lock your phone for you without access your phone.

Call my Phone New Google Omnibox Search Feature

Call my phone Google omnibox search feature was introduced back in 2015 and since then, the find my phone feature has been of great importance to those that knows about it. If you don’t know about Google’s call my phone feature or how to use Google find my phone for me either on Android or iPhone, even on Samsung….

Count yourself lucky for coming across this, here in this post I will share with you how you can make Google call your phone when stolen or misplaced.

One outstanding benefit of this tutorial is that you don’t need cell phone locator or tracking app for Android or iPhone before you can use Google phone locator to help locate your phone where it is.

Meanwhile, you cannot use this feature to erase date on your Android when stolen but you can do the latter with the help of Google Android Manager.

Call my Phone: What Do I Do Before Google Called My Phone

There is nothing so spectacular about the trick. All you need is just a valid Gmail account which you must have accessed on your phone before it was stolen or misplaced. With that in place, you will definitely be able to ring your phone for at least 5 minutes and locate where you kept it or the exact location of the phone without Android app locator.

1. Go to Google omnibox search and type “Find my Phone” without quote and you will be asked to login to your Gmail, kindly login softly.

call my phone

2. Go to your phone settings and enabled location option for Google find my phone to be able to locate your phone.

Note: You must always enabled your phone location option.

call my phone

3. Click on ring besides recover which can be found close to the right bottom of Google find my phone page.

call my phone

4. And you phone will auto-start ringing and it will rings for good 5 minutes unless either of the phone button or keypad is being touched. If you still cannot find your phone, repeat the same process until you are able to locate your phone.

This is the trick I used to call my phone whenever I misplaced it, and it was as well used to find the location of a stolen phone but we couldn’t erase our data from the phone because Google find my phone does not give room for that.

Meanwhile, in the next post we will publish how to erase stolen Android phone data and lock it using Google Android manager with your Gmail account.

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