Candle Charger: New Way To Charge Smartphone

It’s time for candle charger to take charge of mobile charging world now. The use of solar to charge smartphone seems stressful unlike candle charger and since charging phone with solar indoor is a bit stressful and consume some technical thinking, then candle charger have it way and can do the job better.

One of the disadvantage of smartphone is the way its drain battery life and how it consume data, which users finds extremely difficult to combat using most of the know ways that work because they tend to forget to redefine the way their smartphone battery life should be manage.

Phone candle charger

Imagine yourself having a meeting by the day and your phone battery is flat and the day was cloudy, no solar means of charging your smartphone, there is total blackout everywhere and you need to charge your phone urgently, then you can softly use candle charge to fulfill your dream and makes your day goes the way it should and then make your call softly.

With these being said, it sincerely means there is another means of charging your smartphone outside being connected your smartphone to your socket and that you can charge your phone without electricity.

Phone candle charger

Charging your smartphone using solar is a great way but can be outrageous when you can easily user kickstarter candle charger to charge your phone during emergency.

How To Charge Smartphone With Candle Charger

You don’t really need to do much before you can charge your smartphone and other household items using candle charger. Candle charger is like a kettle that does the work of charging your phone. The kettle is filled with 150ml that you will be need to charge your phone for just half an hour. After filling the kettle with water, connect your household items that uses USB and you are ready to charge your phone. The fun of the gadget is that you can charge any device using USB

What Is The Hidden Technology Behind Candle Charger.?

The technology behind candle charger gadget is thermo electrical module and stower smart circuit. Thermoelectrical module as a semiconductor, convert temperature gradients into electricity. Using nontoxic telluride based module that is normally used in refrigerator and mobile film/industries is what candle charger actually used. The purpose of stower smart circuit is to monitor the requirement of the connected device being charged using candle charger.

Candle charger replace total blackout and when there is total power outage, it is very easy to setup and easy to use.

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