Cheap Smartphone in Nigeria: Our Top 5 Cheapest Ever

When it comes to Cheap Smartphones in Nigeria market, you need to be very conscious so that you will not just waste your money. Cheap Smartphones are not considered based on there price as far as Nigeria mobile market is concern. Rather they are based on features and specifications, and how demanding and trending they are. Outrightly, there are many smartphones in Nigeira market, in Africa and in fact World at large but how do you go for the cheapest one as far as your purse weight is concern?

Obviously, Nigeria mobile market is flopped with numerous cheap smartphone that gives worth for your money. But out of the tens of cheapest Smartphone that are well know, which one is most desirable that can suite your need as expected. It’s worth to note that, buying a snamrtphone that would last for as long as you want it, you need to put into consideration things that geeks are buying in gadget. In the likes of cheap smartphones in Nigeria now, you need to consider the device specs, such as hardware, operating syste, maker,and most importantly the camera which freaks so many Smartphone users.

With this in mind, we have scanned thoroughly through the list of cheap smartphone in Nigeria and here today, we are sharing with you our top 5 cheapest smartphone in Nigeria of all time. In short, we are listing an affordable top 5 low end smartphone in Nigeria that are cheap and they will only cost you few thousands of Naira.

Our sampling price of the list of cheapest smartphone on our list ranges between 12,000-15,000 and with that, you will be able to do thinks you always love to do on smartphones that cost more.

1. Samsung Galaxy Ace

cheap smartphone in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is one of the cheapest smartphone in Nigeria I have ever come by with 1GB RAM. The device is proudly powered by 1GB RAM single core, 4GB internal storage on Android 4.1 Jellybean. The only cons of this smartphone is that it doesn’t support 3G feature and features a 2MP camera at the rear. The Samsung Galxy Ace price as at this moment cost 14,500 and you can see it is indeed a cheap Smartphone.

2. Tecno P9

cheap smartphone in Nigeria

I got to know Tecno P9 few weeks after I got my HTC One back then and I have always wanted to use the device. Apart from the fact that Tecno p9 is cheap,its offers a very nice features. The 4.0 inch Tecno P9 features a 512RAM on 4GB internal storage and proudly powered by 1GBz dual core processor. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, the device features a dual camera, 5MP at the rear and 2MP front-facing camera for selfie and video call. The device cost 14,500 in Nigeria market.

3. Lenovo A369i

cheap smartphone in Nigeria

Lenovo A369i is another cheap smartphone rocking Nigeria market with 1.3GHz dual core processor on 512MB RAM with 4GB internal storage and support an expandable microSD. This device support 3G network with 1500mAh battery capacity with 288 standby tume and 8 hours talk time. Addendum, the device is proudly powered by Jellybean 4.2 and features a 2MP camera at the rear. The price is a little bit lower that the aforementioned ones, the device cost just 14,300 at this moment.

4. Infinix Diamond X402

cheap smartphone in Nigeria

Among cheapest Smartphone in Nigeria, we cannot but mention Infinix Diamond X402. With just 12,000 naira you will own an infinix diamond x402 smartphone possessing 5MP camera at the rear and 0.3MP front-facing camera. The device is produly powered by a 1GHz dual core processor on 512MB on 4GB internal storage with 1600mAh battery capacity.

5. Opsson L5

cheap smartphone in Nigeria

Opsson L5 is not only a cheap smartphone that enters Nigeria at the right time but one of the low end trending smartphones in Nigeria. The 4 inch Opsson L5 runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.2 with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage, featuring a 5MP camera at the rear and 0.3MP front-facing camera. The smartphone cost only 15,000 and its really worth.

Like we earlier said that, there are numerous cheap smartphone in Nigeria market but you need to be very conscious when trying to to get one. For now, these are our top 5 cheapest smartphone in Nigeria you could ever dream of that offer value for your money. Meanwhile, our research is still on going and we shall come soonest to give you another wonder list of cheap smartphone in Nigeria you can buy and enjoy.

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