How To Disable Nokia Security Code

Phone security code is an advanced technology to protect your device from unauthorized people. Phone security code makes your device stay protective at all time and give you a better chance to control the kind of people that have access to your phone. The issue of phone security code has been advanced from ordinary code to the use of pattern to protect your device, use of fingerprint scanner from latest devices such LG G4, LG V10, iPhone 6 and the likes.

Phone security code

The security features of Nokia phone using code can be disable so that whenever you have to access your phone, there would be no need for you to enter code. To disable your Nokia security code, the following steps guide you through.

How To Disable Nokia Phone Security Code

Note that this guide work perfectly on Nokia Asha 210 and all Nokia phone, so you can be rest assured that it will surely work on your Nokia phone.

  1. Go to settings and press the phone navigation key
  2. Navigate to keyguard settings and press the navigation key
  3. Enter the phone default security code (12345) and then preess the navigation key
  4. Make sure your consor is on the phone security code on/off function and click on the navigation key to turn it off.

That is, you have successfully disable phone security code on your Nokia phone and henceforth there will be no need for you to enter security code on your device whenever you want to access it.

Disabling Nokia Phone Security Code, Wha Are The Effect?

The essence of using security code is to avoid unnecessary access to your phone from unauthorized personnel and to have absolute control over your device. When you disable your phone security code, anyone can easily access it but you will not have to key in your security code whenever you want to access it.

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