How To Display AdSense On Mobilepress Plugin For Mobile Viewers

Mobilepress is a very popular mobile plugin that easily turns a non-responsive wordpress theme into a mobile friendly type. With the use of Mobilepress plugin, you can easily render your blog mobile friendly on any mobile, be it Smartphone, Old phone that are still worth using, iPad, iPhone etc.

Using Mobilepress can be pretty cool, and increase your blog unique visitor because of the website friendliness. If you ever care to monetize your blog mobile view, you must have it in mind to display AdSense on your blog mobile view either in the header or footer, but whichever you chose, try to choose wisely.

AdSense On Mobile

AdSense On Mobile

How to display AdSense on Mobilepress plugin is not automated by the plugin features, but you can easily display AdSense on Mobilepress plugin without having anything to loose with just a step further. If you are using Mobilepress, this post will help you to display AdSense on your blog mobile view and thereby increase your AdSense earning.

AdSense On Mobile

AdSense is not the only advertising network that can be used, but AdSense been our concentration, will reveal how to simple do it rightly just as we did without any hurdles.

AdSense On Mobile

How To Display AdSense On Mobilepress Plugin

I personally believed that you have a valid AdSense account; otherwise you will have to sign up for a new AdSense account (It’s quite free) and wait until your account passes the verification steps. If you find it very difficult to get AdSense approval, you can read the following post and see where and what you are doing wrong, so that you can easily correct your mistakes before you make an attempt to re-apply again.

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Creating AdSense Code For Mobile

To display AdSense on Mobilepress plugin, you don’t necessarily need to create AdSense for mobile, simply because the currently AdSense display for desktop content is capable of reformatting itself to fitting in any mobile version. So, instead of creating mobile AdSense code, I would advise you to create 250 x 250 ads for your mobile view and keep it somewhere.

Installing Mobilepress Plugin From WordPress Dashboard

First thing first is to install Mobilepress plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Just head straight to wordpress dashboard, click on  plugins, and click on add new. On the Add new page, type mobilepress in the search box and search for it, and install in thereafter. After successful installation, try to clear your browser cache so that your AdSense mobile effect will take place from your end instantly.

Adding AdSense Code To Mobilepress Plugin

Login to your webhosting control panel and locate File Manager, click on it and chose web directory on the pop up page that follows and then click OK to proceed.

Navigate to Wp-content, to Plugins, scroll down to Mobilepress, click on Theme again, scroll down to click on default and finally locate Header or Footer and click on it and select edit at the top of the page,  depending on your targeting location, but preferably, header.



On the new pop-up window, scroll to the last line and paste your Google AdSense code. And once this is done, Adsense will start showing on your blog mobile view. This is the step trick I executed to display AdSense on Mobilepress plugin with altering the codes.


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