Download Konga Mobile App For Android, Blackberry And iOS OS

Konga online store and its mobile app makes shopping on mobile very easy, fast and secure. If you love shopping on konga, then you may not want to miss just a single deal, most especially during super sale and or mobile week.

Konga app for mobile is just like any other apps you have on your Android, Blackberry or iDevice but with the intension of making shopping very much easy on Konga. With it, you need not to think of having a computer set or need a tab before you can shop on konga.

This app still work just like you see the website on PC, and putting into account that search engines ranks a website that is mobile friendly higher than its competitor, then making konga website more friendly on more is a must and with the app, the issue of making the site mobile friendly is solved already.


This app performs more than you could ever image. So many uses the app for shopping alone but there is more to it such as keep you up-to-date when there is a mobile weak or during mobile super deal. With this app on your device, you can buy a device with a reasonable discount during bonanza.

However, if there were no bonanza going on at this time, some of the benefits of Konga mobile app include the following.

  • Browse by categories, brands, prices, colours, and more!
  • Login with Facebook and Google plus
  • Manage our online wallet
  • Manage your account and shopping bag
  • Lovely navigation menu and featured products

Konga mobile app is available for free and can be downloaded at any time as long as the device is compatible. Download the app to your device below by clicking on your device /OS.

NOTE: When you click on the links below, you will be taken to the download page automatically.

Download Konga app for Android, Blackberry and iOS

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