Download Mortal Kombat X Game For Android Now

I hail Mortal kombat X game and I can’t stop playing it on my Android. If you aren’t playing Mortal Kombat X on your Android, then you have to try it now. If there is a game you should not bother to download I guess it should not be Mortal Kombat X.

Around March this year, Mortal Kombat X was released for iOS device and Android users were left in the dark and no way they could download Mortal Kombat X and play it on their device. But all things being equal, game addicts that rock with Android device can now download Mortal Kombat X Android version and enjoy the great graphics

If you have been playing Mortal Kombat for a while and now you are dealing with the X version, you will discover that the Mortal Kombat X version’s control is very easy to master and easy play along with the game. With this version, you can choose the type of attack you intend hitting on your opponent, which could either be heavy or just a light attack. Still following the normal trend of the game predecessor, you can block your opponent punches using the normal key to play along.

Can I Play Mortal Kombat X On My Android?

This is a great question and it depends on your Android RAM. If your Android RAM is less than 1GB, then you might find it extremely difficult to play Mortal Kombat X on it but if perhaps, you have a 1GB RAM Android device, and then you are good to go. Just download the game and keep gaming until you start feeling dizzy.

Where Can I Download Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is a very large file and I would advise you to use wireless network or free browsing to download it so that it would not consume your data if you are to download it over local network. If after you are convinced on how to download the game, then download Mortal Kombat X directly to your Android.

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