How To Download Wikipedia Articles As PDF File

Wikipedia is a reasonable source of information for all sorts in all aspect of life most especially for academic purpose. Reading directly Wikipedia article could be very stressful if you don’t have your own personal PC but if you can download Wikipedia page as PDF or article as PDF for offline reading, definitely you will enjoy it as you ought to have. If you are a chronic researchers, you will understand that there is nothing on planet earth that cannot be found on Wikipedia page both latest and archaic historical background of all sort of information.

Downloading Wikipedia articles as PDF for offline reading is very easy and simple to go about. The process with which you can use to download Wikipedia articles as PDF does falls within the range of four to five steps. But before will hit the nail on top on how you can download wiki page as PDF, you need to unstained the fact that some of the merit of reading wiki articles directly from Wikipedia page will be reduced.

What am trying to say in essence is that; if you download Wikipedia page or article as PDF, all the links linking one articles to other would be removed from the PDF page you are downloading.

Do I Need To Register On Wikipedia Before I can Download Article On Wikipedia As PDF?

I know this might sound challenging that you need to first register on Wikipedia before you can download wiki articles for offline reading, but the simple responds is that you don’t need to register as a user before you can download you desired articles on wiki page as a PDF. I’m so sure of this because I downloaded many articles on Wikipedia as PDF without login in to my Wikipedia account, meanwhile registering as a Wikipedia user is free, you can login if you so wish and you can start contributing to the good work of great wiki-encyclopaedia provided your contribution is valid because it will have to be scrutinized before it would be added to Wikipedia.

How To Download Wikipedia Articles For Offline Reading

The following steps explained in details how you can download your favourite articles on Wikipedia as a PDF and read later without internet connection or without you necessarily bookmarking the page.


First and foremost, you need to search for the article you want to download either by searching directly from Google search engine or search on Wikipedia page. Either of the two ways, you will end up finding your favourite articles.

Download Wikipedia As PDF 1


Now on Wikipedia page, the article will be display but there might be a need for you to click on some of the content links so that all hidden articles will be in unhidden mode. The purpose of this is for you not to download limited part of the book but doing that will enables you to see all the content contained in your searched article.

On the left page of the page, scroll down a bit to locate the print/export section, under the section there are fewer sub-sections like create a book, Download as PDF, Printable version. But for the purpose of this post, you will have to click on “Download as PDF“.


There will be a new pop up after step2 above, on that page, click on “Download the file” right in front of “The document file has been generated” and then select your location on your computer, preferable your desktop and you are done.

Download Wikipedia As PDF 2

With these three steps you can download the whole of Wikipedia articles (Lol) without any hindrance. Have you downloaded Wikipedia articles as PDF file for offline reading before or what are the processes you passed through in downloading it?

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