How To Check DSTv Due Date On Your Phone

My DSTv due date is what I take note often because I don’t want to miss out a single favourite program on my Favourite DSTv channel. I was bothered about my DTSv subscription due date but quite busy this day I couldn’t remember my DSTv due date but finally I was able to check my DSTv due date on my phone.

Fortunately, I still have some few days before the subscription expires.

Since this happens during the weekend I then reached out to a friend who own a football house. Lol and behold I was able to check my DSTv subscription due date on my mobile phone.

To check your DSTv due date just follow the simple steps below and your DSTv subscription due date will be replied to your the number.

Go to your mobile text message and text:

DD space 10 digit of your DSTv smartcard number to 30333

Note: Don’t bother to include the 11th digits on your smartcard number.

E.g DD 2456798765 to 30333

DSTv due date

Were you able to check your DSTv due date using this method?


    • Thegeekiepedia Post authorReply

      Wait for a while it will work… It may be due to poor network

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