DSTV Vs Nigerians: Who Is Exploiting The Other?

If DSTV could be so mean that they increase their subscription fee always, then why are they so mean to we Nigerians? Exploiting subscribers isn’t really the way out which I think DSTV are damn doing. Not to miss out EPL league, you just have to subscribe to have the fun.

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Not quite long DSTV subscription fee was increased without subscriber’s prior notification and here again the subscription rate is going crazy again. If Nigerian subscribers cannot do anything concerning this, then DSTV will keep exploiting us of our prime right.

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Now come to think of it, DSTV subscription was increased from #7850 to #9800 and as a good Nigerian, we tentatively complied without any hiccups all in the name of getting to know things across the world. But it’s quite unfortunate that SuperSport 3 that normally show football league no longer available except you go for premium subscription which is currently on SuperSpot 5 (SS5).

The implication is simple, for you to watch league as we use to, you will have to upgrade from your present service to SS5 where high profile games can be watched which will invariable incur additional fee to subscribe.

Despite that we still love DSTV at what they do, but is this how the exploitation would continue or what? Are Nigerian slave to DSTV via subscription?

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