How To Easily Stop Others From Accessing Your Android Smartphone

Your friend requested for your Android phone probably to play game on it or to make call but before hand he has started checking all your personal details, then what do you do with such a friend? This is a very cumbersome question because you don’t need to pick up a fight or decide not to give him your phone next time since there is a lasting solution to all human problems.

This day, smartphones are becoming more handy and useful than ever, majority of us that uses Android smartphone keeps our valuable data on our phone since it is mobile and we can easily do so many things on it just like one can as well do on our computer, then you must be ready to take precaution not to expose your real self to so-called friend. Like I said, so many things can be done on smartphone such as printing your document directly from smartphone when needed.

Despite the fact that we want to be secure, we still make use of some security measure available on the phone such as using lock pattern to secure our phone or use digit password or face password detection but is it truly safe even when we make use of this method? The answer is NO! And by the virtue of this, it is very nice to think of another way one can use to secure what he  has on his  mobile even when unlocked using the normal Android security measure, and now you can begin to think of Smart AppLock manager.

Smart App Lock manager is an Android smartphone app that incurs more security measure to your phone, gives you master password over all the apps installed on your phone, securing your message with same password and lot more. This app is sometimes better than the Android inbuilt security measure simply because it gives your phone an inner security measure that you may choose to let other knows about or otherwise.

Smartlock app

How To Easily Stop Others From Accessing Your Android Smartphone

If you are interested in improving your phone security measure, then this post is for you and if you have been using this app before now, I need to tell you that you have made the right choice not by chance but by the virtue of being security conscious.

  1. Download Smart AppLock Manager from Google play store for free
  2. As a new user, when you are done with installing this SmartLock, you will be prompted to set your own password which is the reason for using the app.
  3. When you are done with setting your own password and the app home interface would display thereafter, and then scroll gently to the down page and click on the green + button
  4. All the apps you have installed on your Android smartphone would be shown and it’s now time for you to choose from the list. Next is for you to choose or tick the apps you will like to secure access to and hit the add button (Notice the FAKE label).
  5. Now, whenever you want to play or use any of this app and you try to launch it, fake information will be display telling you that the app you are trying to use has stopped working or not responding. If by virtue of satisfaction, you hit the ok button, you would be taken to your phone homepage but if you tab and hold the okay button, you will be require to enter password. And that is all about securing your smartphone!!!

This is the simple steps I use to secure any apps I don’t want any of my colleagues or sibling know about and you too can make use of the advantage to safe your device battery life and as well be security conscious at all time.

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