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We rock with simple server free browsing tweak this week. You guys know that we don’t share free browsing stuff on this blog but we just try simple server almost free browsing techniques and it works just like magic. And that reason amount to the reason why we decided to include the free browsing category so as to bring you the latest way you can use to browse for free or with other data bundle on your device such as Android.

 You may want to ask what simple server is all about but chill I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about simple server software, how to make use of it on PC and how to use simple server on Android as well without leaving single stone unturn on simple server and its settings.

Before you start bothering yourself on how to use or set up simple server on both PC and on your Android, I think it’s wise to know what simple server is in the first place.

What is Simple Server?

Simple server is what I called open source software that does not take much of your computer memory, doesn’t slow down your computer performance and does not do any harm to your computer in any ways other than to give a helping hand that let you browse almost for free on both PC and your Android.

Is Simple Server Software?

The answer to this question is ‘YES’. Simple server is software that enables you to bypass telecommunication browsing band and use a non PC data plan on PC such as Blackberry BIS, and support virtually the entire network communication in Nigeria.

Simple Server for Android

The same way you can use simple server on PC, so also you can use simple server apk for Android and browse almost free by using blackberry subscription on Android without tweaking any Imei like we use to do before we can use Blackberry subscription on Android. Which implies that you can as well browse almost for free on your Android device using simple server and download almost unlimited.

How to Use Simple Server on Pc

You need a copy of simple server software installed on your PC to start using the almost free browsing stuff, however here we go on how to use simple server on PC to surf the net.


Download simple server to your PC and configure your simple server as follows on your Mozilla


Port: 8080

Enable use proxy server on your Mozilla.


Subscribe to MTN BBCDAY for blackberry configure your modem apn as: blackberry.net or use your MTN default settings if this doesn’t connect or connected without browsing

How to Use Simple Server on Android

The way simple server works on PC so also it works on Android but with different setting.


Download simple server apk for Android and install it on your device.


Open your simple server on your Android and configure it as follows:

Proxy host:

Proxy port: 8080

Injection method: get

Injection query/url: http://web.blackberry.com

Injection host: web.blackberry.com

Injection line: press your space bar 4 time (indentation)

Log level: debug

Then click the connect button to start simple server.

Which Blackberry Subscription Works With Simple Server?

There are various blackberry subscriptions that work with simple server on both PC and Android but the ones I have tested on PC include:

MTN BBCDAY daily plan (text bbcday to 21600) for just #100

MTN BBCWEEK weekly plan (text bbcweek to 21600) for just 500

MTN BBCMONTHLY monthly plane (text bbc to 21600)

The above guide is what you need to know about simple server, how you can use it on PC and on your Android using MTN BB subscription. In case you encounter any inconvenience in using simple server, don’t hesitate to let me know via the comment section.

With MTN BB daily subscription, you can enjoy unlimited surfing using simple server on both PC and Android.


  1. Emmy Reply

    Mtn BBC monthly is not working on mtn simple server again.is there any solution to this problem?

    • Thegeekiepedia Post authorReply

      I can’t tell Ryan. If you are in Zambia, kindly try it.

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