Etisalat & SimpleServer Free Browsing

Etisalat and SimpleServer are making it big with the internet almost free browsing this time. With any Etisalat data bundle, you can rock the internet for month with SimpleServer without any obstruction.

Despite the fact that Etisalat BIS is currently working on PC, you can still enjoy Etisalat daily and weekly data plan on your device using SimpleServer as the brain box without anyone questioning your authority.

The SimpleServer work better with Etisalat Smartpak weekly plan that goes for just #150. The only limitation I noticed while using this trick was that the downloading speed was not that blazing yet, it’s better at browsing.

At the same time, the Etisalat ChatPak blaze well and it is almost unlimited with SimpleServer as the brain box.The data plan was actually made for Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Messenger etc and it is supposed to last for just 24 hours but using SimpleServer Android and PC app, you could browse and download unlimited.

How To Subscribe To Etisalat ChatPak

You need just #50 airtime on your SIM to activate this plan. You do not necessarily need to recharge the card yourself, you can just plea to your friend to transfer #50 airtime to you and you are good to go.
Dial *200*3*3*1*1# to subscribe and wait for a welcoming message that you are welcome to Etisalat ChatPak and you will be given 10mb for 24 hours to start blazing for the day.

How To Configure SimpleServer On PC

1. Download and extract SimpleServer to a newly folder on your Desktop. Connect your modem to your PC and configure your settings as follows:
APN: etisalat
2. Run SimpleServer.exe and configure your browser as follows:
Browser proxy:
Port: 8080
Tick use server for all protocols

SimpleServer Settings For Android

Download and install SimpleServer for Android device

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
Port: 8080
APN: etisalat
Save And Activate it as your default settings.

Open SimpleServer and Configure the Settings as follow:
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Injection Method: GET
Injection Querry/URL:
Injection Host:
Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
Log Level:DEBUG
Close the settings and hit the connect button, surf and keep downloading/streaming until you are tired.

We are still blazing with SimpleServer on Etisalat as at this day and you too should not be left out. Please comment to know whether it works for you or not.


    • Thegeekiepedia Post authorReply

      Since it opens Facebook, it should also work with other sites. Re-try it

  1. Fred Reply

    simple server etisalat. not working. it x eating up my airtime fast. even after re-installing d app and doing d setting

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