11 Similar Sites to Extratorrents to Download Torrent Files


Extratorrents is a bit-torrent site designed to hold and delivery torrent  when searched the extra torrents database. The extratorrents sites holds much of torrents  information for people searching to download extratorrent files. The torrent site users known as leecher can upload torrent files for other users to download fast with the help of torrent tracker.

As at present the biggest torrent search engine to refer to on the internet is extratorrents. With the help of Bit-torrent PC and smartphone app users can upload and download torrent files for free searching through the torrent search engine database.

Here we will discuss 11 similar sites to Extratorrents based on popularity and possibly Alexa ranking of each of the sites like extratorrent.cc.


Similar Sites Like Extratorrents CC

Below are the list of torrent sites similar to extratorrents.cc with almost similar features and available download torrents.



Thepiratebay is popular and very similar to extra torrents file search engine. ThePirateBay work similar to Extratorrents cc site where you can browse category of torrent files, recently added and list of top 100 downloaded torrent files in the past few hours.

ThePirateBay almost turn to torrent search engine with the I’m feeling lucky search button like Google I’m feeling lucky button. ThePirateBay torrent site is user friendly but doesn’t support downloading of personal files. Meaning that you cannot download the exact same torrent files you uploaded yourself. As at the time of writing this list of sites like Extra torrents ThePirateBay ranked 130 according to Alexa global ranking.

2. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another torrent site similar to extratorrents.cc. It is mainly for files index and files repository. The site allow users to search and browse for any torrent files and at same time upload available torrent files for others to download. Currently IsoHunt has over 2 million torrents are a huge number of users. Another features of IsoHunt as extratorrents similar sites is the ability of users to sort torrents by age, the quality of the peer and based on some common search element. As at the time of writing this post IsoHunt has a global Alexa ranking of 2,522.

3. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is yet another site like extratorrents with approved torrents files to download at no cost and without registration. Some of the approved files you can download from limetorrents include movies video games,music, cartoons, television shows, software and BitTorrent. It is very easy to download anything from Limetorrent and you are fully in control of what you searched for online and on your computer. With current global Alexa ranking 2,715 it can be considered as a similar torrent site like extratorrents.

4. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is another popular torrent sites similar to extratorrents. This exact torrent site is designed to generate tracker match. With in limited time BitSnoop torrents site collects lot of trackers related to your searched results and focus on using the one with best quality seeds. BitSnoop is ranked 5,541 most popular website in the world according to Alexa ranking.

5. Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent popularly known as KAT is another peer-to-peer torrent site simlilar to extra torrents cc. The site was found in 2009 and it has since moved up to 10 different domains. Recently the KAT moved from http://kat.am to http://kat.cr but it seems the site is back as it is redirect to http://kat.am now. The site is similar to extratorrent.cc in the sense that its support file sharing with the help of Bit-Torrent peer-to-peer file sharing.

One great feature of KAT is that its pulled torrent files searched result from available files on available and existing torrent search engine instead of holding the material itself. As at this hour of the day, KAT is having a global Alexa ranking of 13592

6. TreeTorrent

Tree torrent is currently listed among most popular torrents site like KAT, Torrentz, Extratorent etc. This torrent site allow users to search for a specific torrent files using the search box or sort files and browse files based on category. Using TreeTorrent meta-search you can quickly run a search for most popular torrent files, most downloaded torrent files and new torrent files that are just uploaded.

Suppose you have torrent files you want to share with TreeTorrent users you can uploaded it for others to download as a torrent file. Meaning TreeTorrent is among 16,852 most popular sites in the world according to global Alexa ranking.

7. Mininova

Mininova is another torrent sites like extratorrents providing BitTorrent download files for leechers. Mininova is among top notch torrents site offering a well known torrent material with a new bookmarking features that makes it very easy to initiate BitTorrent download directly from your computer anywhere. Also, it features a torrents RSS feed for user to get started easily and an avenue for new member to get started with the new user feature. Among top notch torrent sites mininova is one of the top similar sites to extratorrents with 28,157 global Alexa ranking.

Similar Sites Extratorrents That Are Current Shut Down

Some of the well know popular torrent sites similar to extratorrents that experience a shut down recently include the following ones. Note that in an attempt to visit these sites it returns 404 error or some funky messages.

1. BTDigg

Before Btdigg was shut down for spam content it was a similar site to extrotrrents with quality torrent to download for free and without registration. But currently, the site is down and is inaccessible. Meanwhile we tried to reach out the admin to know the possible of btdigg torrent coming back to life but all effort profile futile.

2. Torrentz

Torrentz is another popular torrent site similar to extratorrents but got shut down after 13 years of operation. Torrentz was a powerful torrent search engine but resign its reign  and user is unable to login. An attempt to login to Torrentz bids it users with a firewall with a text that reads:

The site’s user are no longer able to login either. Instead, they see the following message: “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”

3. LokiTorrent

LokiTorrent is a similar site to extratorrents during its life time. The 2005 torrent site got swept into the thin air. And whenever users try to use the site it sends a warning message that you can only click but you can’t hide your IP.

4. TorrentSpy

Another torrent site torrent users are missing is nothing but TorrentSpy. TorrentSpy came into limelight within a year and it gots it boot kicked off and banned by US governemnt. And it 2008, TorrentSpy seized to exist and was charged for a fine of $110 in damage according to torrentfreak.

But with the list of the above working extratorrents alternative above you can be rest assured that you will have access to any torrent of your choice. All you need to do is just use the torrents box to search for your torrent keyword and you are good to go.

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