Facebook Competitor Launch With Anonymous Support

The thing that will first come to do you will be, can Facebook have any competitor when it comes to social media? Anyway, another super private social network has just been launched to compete with Facebook with anonymous support. Although this private social network is not only targeting Facebook as a giant social media but some other giants social network as well. They are aiming mainly at the privacy, security and transparency about how user posts are promoted.


Mind.com has just the same option like other giant social media; you have followers just like you do on Twitter and friends like on Facebook; user of mind.com send out update or shout-out to their followers, who have the opportunity to comment on the post or promote the post.

Since Mind.com is supporting anonymous use of the social networking site, its aims does not depending on making money whatsoever unlike most social network does but to protect all users conservation using encryption so that advertisers or governments would not be able to read it or access it.

There is also a reward for everything followers on this social network does like rewarding followers’ engagement with comment, post, like and uploading. Users are given point which can be exchange for views. The implication of this is that, post that have the highest engagement will be taken up and promoted by the network.

This site has been launched officially with both desktop and mobile support (app) and it’s still open source for now where contribution are highly welcome, most especially concerning the design.

An Anonymous-affiliated page with millions of followers “ART of Revolution” support the site with a message that reads; “Let us collaborate to help build minds.com and other open-source, encrypted networks to co-create a top site of the people, by the people and for the people”.

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