Easy to Use “Find my Phone App” to Locate Stolen Smartphones

There are lot of apps for Android phones, but we don’t seems to see reason why we should installed Android apps like find my phone app because they tend to consume spaces and we don’t use them often like other Android apps like Whatsapp, phont album, explorer, file manager etc meanwhile these apps help to find your phones whenever you misplaced or whenever they are been stolen.

With find my phone app, you can easily locate a stolen phone. Instead of shouting where’s my phone, or who has seen my smartphone in the past few minutes, you can easily use find my phone app when installed on your device or you use Google omnibox search find my phone new feature.

What we actually planned to share with you in this post is to share with you the list of our recommended app that can be used to find or locate a stolen phone for both Android and Apple devices.

So, if you are an Apple fan, the Apple app that can be used to locate or find a phone when stolen or got missing will be shared with you. Also, for Android users, we will as well share with you our top Android app that can be used to find a stolen phone and map out the precise location of the phone.

find my phone app

Usefulness of Find My Phone App

You may actually want to know the usefulness of these app that can be used to locate your phone when it got missing or misplaced. Well, that is not bad but let be sincere with ourselves, if there is only one additional app you will need to install on your smartphone, it should be find my phone app because it makes life simple and easy to cope with when things go whirled.

The reason why am sharing this article with you lies on the fact that, your pleases is mine and your displeased is also mine. As a loyal reader of this loudable blog, the need to protect your phone from intruder is very essential, however the following apps will let you locate your phone when stolen or misplaced.

So, if you don’t want to be so bothered about your phone when you misplaced it or when stolen you need to have at least one of these apps installed on your phone.

List of Find My Phone App We Recommend

There are thousands on apps that are available on the internet from various developers with different functions. And choosing from these set of apps can be threaten, however below are the list of top find my phone app you can easily relate with.

The app will be sectioned into two; We will consider our recommended Apple’s apps that can be used to locate a missing phone and then follow by Android.

Apple Find My Phone App

Where is my phone is now a thing of the past for this app users using the available resources (apps) to locate your phone where ever it hides. If you have been struggling with the best app to use to find a lost Apple phone or missing Apple phone, consider the one first.

Find my Phone iOS App

Find my phone iOS app is a close substitute for iCloud find my phone, which can be used to locate your iPhone anywhere. With the find my phone Apple app, you may not really miss your Apple device for so long.

All you need to do is download and installed the app on your iPhone or iPad or iPod and use it to locate your iDevice whenever you don’t know its where about.

This app does not only track where you left your phone but it will tell you exactly where your phone is currently located using the app as a cell phone locator.

This app has saved thousands on users from loosing their phones to an unknown fellow, so there is no reason why you should not start using it on your Apple device now.

Android Find My Phone App

With the number of Android apps in Google play store, and the apk files, you need no further conviction that you can do more than you know with Android app. And some of the amazing thing your can with Android apps include ability to find your phone when you don’t know where you kept it.

We have thousands of these apps in play store but here are the few ones we have tested over time and we have no reason not to share them with our readers.

Find my Lost Phone

Find my lost phone app helps to locate missing and stolen phone with in a blink on an eye. There is no special requirement for find my lost phone app to work on your Android device. The find my lost phone app use GPS phone locator to locate your phone when stolen or out of range or out of your reach or perhaps, you don’t even know how it went.

With this app “find my lost phone”, you can easily locate it where ever it is hiding, and not just the location. You will get to know how far is the place from your current location.

Where is My Phone

If you have found yourself in this kind of situation of you not knowing where you kept your phone, whether stolen or misplaced, it is then at this point that you will know the benefits of where is my phone android app.

The app doesn’t require to forever to set up. Once you downloaded and install the app on your Android phone, the next thing is to set up the device basic feature and start tracking your device when ever you placed it.

Find My Phone

This app will help you end your worries with just a single click. If you don’t want to use find my phone app on your phone, you can use Google omnibox search which also perform the same function with this app.

Just download this app, install it and set up the basic settings required of you and your phone will be secure and trace-able whenever you can’t find it.

Find my phone app is my most used app, and I think you too needs to check it out to be able to put your device under your surveillance.

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