How to Use “Find my Phone” to Locate Stolen Phones

Google find my phone makes it easy to locate a specific location of your stolen or misplaced device but couldn’t not be used to erase date on your device nevertheless, while you try to track your phone, you will be able to either recover it with Google phone tracker or ring it where ever it is.

Find my phone Google omnibox feature finds a lost phone, and helps to track the exact location of the device but could not be used to erase date or lock your phone screen unlike Google manager.

The find lost phone feature of Google omnibox search works for Android, iOS device and other devices like Samsung. Here in this post we will talk on how to use find my phone for free and on our next post, we will also consider some valuable apps that can be used to track a cell phone.

How to Use Find My Phone For Free

This Google omnibox search feature is free and easy to use. The only requirement to track a cell phone or mobile phone using this feature is to own a Gmail account. So under this section we will consider how to use Google omnibox search to find and ring a lost or stolen phone.

1. Login to your Gmail account if you own one or create a new Gmail account and make sure you login to the account on your device (Android, Apple, and others)

2. Go to Google omnibox and type “Find my phone” and you will be prompt to sign in to your Gmail account for security purpose, click on the sign in button to proceed.

find my phone

3. Google find my phone feature will start locating your phone location. And if your phone location is available, the locate my phone feature will show you the exact location of the phone you are try to find or locate as it were.

find my phone

Note: For Google to be able to locate my phone when I was try this method, I have to enable location on my phone. So for you to use this feature, always enable location feature on your phone.

4. Once the location of the phone you are trying to locate has been gotten by Google, you can then click on ring or recover tab on the screen. In fat, my phone is just 8 meters always from me while writing this tutorial.

find my phone

5. Your phone will receive a call form Android device manager and ring for complete 5 minutes automatically or try to locate your phone by just click on recover besides ring except your stop it when found.

7. Once you clicked on “recover” button, you will be taken to the next page as seen below.

find my phone

How to Find my Phone for Free without App

After the steps above, you will be taken to where you can perform series of actions on your phone. And what you can do with recover phone locator or phone track feature of Google ominbox include: Locate your phone, try calling your phone, sign out on your phone, reach out to your carrier, reach out for local help and consider erasing your device.

find my phone

With this, you should be able to locate your phone for free without using an app on your device. The find my phone feature is a forever useful Google omnibox search feature to locate phones or track phone.  Kindly share if it works for you.

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