Free Live Streaming Football For Free on All Devices

There is this un-resisting feeling for Barclay premier league, UEFA Champions league, Italian league, MBA league, Paralympics league, World cup, Nations cup fans to watch live football online be it on Android or iPad or iPhone or Laptop or personal computer.

The tenacity that you will love to stream live soccer online is very high due to the powerful features of the recent mobile technologies. It’s obvious that, with strong internet connection, you can easily watch live matches on your device.

The 2016 Brazil Olympic game was streamed live with the help of some Android, iPhone apps and PC software. It’s just like live football on TV when you are connected to a cable with active subscription.

Note: How to watch EPL without a cable

Free live streaming football is exactly the same as if you are watching it when you are connected to a cable. But why do you have to connect to a cable when you can easily watch live football matches online with the help of your smartphone without a cable.

If you are reading this post, there is tendency that you are so much concern on how to stream live football either on your TV without a cable or stream live matches on your gadget, however which ever way you choose to watch football live online, this post will put a smile on your face and hold you by hands to live streaming football online.

How to Free Live Streaming Football Online

The old method of watching live matches online with Android app called “Watch Football Live Stream” is no longer working. The app is no longer available in Google play store, and the apk is no where to be found and that makes it very difficult to stream football match online.

Since the feeling to watch live football, either EPL or Barclay premier or UEFA Champions league is still burning, then there is a close substitute to “Watch Football Live Stream app” which work exactly the same way. But if you have “VLC” installed on both PC and Android device, you can still watch live football on your device.

How to Stream Live Football Matches Using Android App

Before heading for the best way to watch football live online with the help of VLC media player, let first take a close look at the best apps that can be used to watch live football matches.

1. Sybla TV

Sybla TV is a popular Android app that makes streaming live football very easy. I got to know about Sybla TV Android app after I published a post how to watch EPL live on Android using Mobdro app.

Free Live Streaming Football

While you are searching for Sybla TV Android app for online free football streaming, you can consider using this search terms like

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Meanwhile, you won’t be able to find Sybla TV app on Google Play Store. But you can check out Sybla official website for the latest app.

Mobdro Android App

Mobdro is my second best Android apps to watching live football match of all time. It makes streaming very easy and smooth. It consumes little of your data. The mobdro app is a multitask Android app which handles series of functions. On mobdro you can watch virtually all sports including rugby, long tennis, table tennis etc.

Few weeks ago, I published a post on how to free live streaming football on Android using Mobdro, you can check it out.

How to Free Live Streaming football on iPhone

This is for the iPhone users. iOS is a king on its own so don’t be discouraged if you have not been able to watch live football matches on your iPhone, iPad and all Apple device generally. With this app, you will be able to stream live matches on your iOS devices without jailbreak.

The app to use for streaming live football match for free on iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and all Apple devices is called “EPL Live” and it is free.

Free Live Streaming Football

The clarity of the app while watching live matches is the area of attraction and you will have a feeling that you are watching football live on your iPhone without a cable.

How to Free Live Streaming Football on PC Using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is my favorite software for watching movies on PC and best app for streaming live matches on phone and watching movies as well. If you have VLC installed on your PC you can as well use it to watch soccer online for free.

Live football matches online on Android is done without hiccups on VLC media player, and below is what you need to do to stream live any football match on VLC media player.

Firstly, take note of the following VLC media player football live streaming channels.

sky sport 1 – 5 and BTsport 1-2. Shows all football matches

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3

Sky Sports 4

Sky Sports 5



Free Live Streaming Football on PC Using VLC

Under this headings, we will walk you through a practical way you will need to follow to be able to stream live football matches on VLC media players.

1. Download and install VLC media player on your PC

2. Launch the software by clicking on the icon, click on media and then click on media

Free Live Streaming Football

3. Click on capture device and select Desktop from the capture mode drop down menu. And increase the desire frame capture to safe your streaming from blur.

Free Live Streaming Football

Click on next button and select HTTP from the drop down menu, and then add button

Free Live Streaming Football

On the new pop up, copy and paste one of the sport channel URL above into the path section and click on next

Free Live Streaming Football

Select video output on the next pop up and click on next button and finally on stream button

Free Live Streaming Football

Your Windows firewall will pop up a warning, just accept the warning by clicking on allow access.

Free Live Streaming Football

Afterward, your VLC will start streaming live football match on the channel you want to stream live.

You should be able to free live streaming football on all your devices now. Share the post if you love it

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