Genius Way To Reset Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This tutorial will teach you exactly how you can reset a frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy just came out in new dimension with the release of two new Smartphone’s which users cannot wait to lay their hands on and do a play around with them. Probably because of the complete aluminium and the glass design might be the reason why the Smartphone’s features a non removable battery, and when the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 became frozen, it is definitely going to be a head ache for user.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 which stormed the mobile market April this year features a new look in an aluminium and glass coat. This new outfit of Galaxy brand actually gives the device a new look but it’s actual fact that the devices has not external MicroSD and as well features a non-removable battery. Other amazing features of these two Galaxy’s include the 5.7-inch Quad-HD display, the unbeatable 16MegaPixel camera, quick wireless charging and etcetera.

Although the issue of a frozen Samsung Galaxy does not happen consistently but when it does and you inner man pushes you to pull out the battery and reboot your Galaxy device and you then found that, the battery is non-removable, then something must be done to make your frozen Galaxy responsive.

But when this happen often, all hope are not lost, here in this post we are sharing the quickest step that can used to reset a frozen Samsung Galaxy  and make it responsive again.

From the amazing specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we drawn that the device features a 8-core processor with 4GB RAM. Good enough, the device runs on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 software. The implication of this is that the device will be superfast. However, in the case whereby you start experiencing frozenness while playing with your Galaxy Note 5, you may think of hard reset your device or restart it to bring things back to normal again.

Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While powering on your Samsung Galaxy for the first time, their numerous tips you ought to have taken note but it’s quite unfortunate that the number of users that take note of this are far lesser than those that take note, and here these tips can to reset a frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

One of those tips that pops up while starting your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for the first time tells you how you can completely resolve the issue of unresponsiveness on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

If your Samsung Galaxy Note became frozen and unresponsive, just press and hold power key and the volume down key simultaneously for like 10seconds and your device will reboot.

Obviously, if your Galaxy Note 5 and Edge 6 start acting a drama, then quickest way to make it responsive and release it from been frozen is to long press the power button and volume key down to restart the device and it will start working again without any hiccups.

Like in the case of Samsung Galaxy s6, the Apple product and other devices like Huawei where users cannot remove their battery at will, holding a series button will help to reboot your device when frozen.

In view of this, most of this device needs just a move from the user end to make then active when they became frozen. And it takes maximum of 10 seconds to resolve the issue.

Another quick tip you need to take note when your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 became frozen is never to be in haste to hard reset it as this will amount to loss of valuable files on your device.

When experiencing frozenness on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, note that it bounds to happen so you shouldn’t see it like a huge problem that needs huge solution.

How do you feel when your Samsung Galaxy Note S5 became frozen?

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