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  1. Golden frog vpn service
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  3. Golden frog vpn pros and cons
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  5. Golden frog vpn security measure

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Golden frog vpn

Golden Frog VPN Service

Golden frog, popularly called VyprVPN is an IP proxy service provider that shields your IP from the internet and lets you surf the internet with 100% anonymity. VyprVPN protect your full identity while browsing online.

In a simple language, Golden frog VPN service helps you protect your identity while browsing the internet. You put on another location identity and another IP address different from your real location but tally with the location you are pretending to be at.

With over 1000 VPN services through the world, maintaining first position is not an easy task. As it were, Golden Frog is among few of other VPN service that has what it takes to protect and personalized your online presence with un-quantifiable customer service.

Golden Frog VPN Performance

One thing you will fully enjoy about VyprVPN is a user-interface friendly. When you sign up for the service, login in and finding your way around the dashboard is extremely easy. Once you login to your dashboard, you can simply download Golden frog VPN desktop software and, start to keep your identity online with a simple click from your back-end.

The benefit of the user interface include ability to select prefer server based on location. Also, if there is any location you so much love, you can easily pin it to your favorite tab for easy and quick access.

Right in your dashboard, you will see how your data is being consume statistically, the number of time you have spent connecting to the service, the chosen protocol and encryption bit you are currently using.

Golden frog VPN has over 700 servers currently in 52 locations with over 200,000 IP that can softly cycle through. The benefit of such huge amound of IPs is that it makes it very difficult for search such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to easily flag any of the IPs.

Although, no company can truly guarantee that certain IP will not be blocked but the numbers of Golden frog VPN makes it less vulnerable to such incident.

The Frog VPN service does not restrict account usage on multiple device. As a matter of fact, you can use the software device on two different devices at the same time on a single account. So, if you have a PC and Tab, you can use the service on your PC and at the same times on your Tab simultaneously without subscribing to different service.

Another big fish about Golden frog VPN service is that, your data will not be log for 30 days. And instead of using your personal info, you can easily use gift card from Visa and/or Mastercard to sign up for the service.

This is actually a big fish for you and a big reason for you to start with Golden frog VPN today to fully protect your anonymity online, including your personal account information.

Golden frog vpn

Golden Frog Pros And Cons

This is one thing you want to knoe before deciding whether to subscribe to the service. Golden frog VPN service has it own pros and at the same times, cons.

The service major pro is that, VyprVPN dashboard is very easy to set-up and relate with. You don’t need expert guide to use the software user-interface. There is no need for additional configuration, its auto-configures itself and connect to a service as quick as possible.

In terms of cons, I think keeping users log for up to 30 days is not good enough but that does not affect your anonymity online.

Golden Frog VPN Customer Service

Customer service of any company is essential, and Golden frog VPN is not left out in this regard. The company support representatives works 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 month a year. There is no time you try to reach Golden frog VPN that your access will be denied. And that is always guaranteed.

Whether you are interested in Golden frog VPN live support and live chat, VyprVPN offers the best service to their customers and ready to provide solution to any of their problems at any time with quick and precise responds.

Another means of communication is via Email. You email quest will be fulfil within 24 hours. So, there is no means of communication you chose to reach Golden frog VyprVPN proxy service provider that you won’t get in touch with them.

Golden Frog VPN Security Measure


Golden frog VPN security feature is indeed awesome. The service possesses both SSL and TSL encryption connection. The VyprVPN has a 128-bit encryption which is regarded as the most secure encryption bit which also allow faster connection without wasting time.

For extra security measure, you can also have access to 256-bit encryption for browsing and transfer of data. This is more secure than 128-bit encryption, and as it were, it is what government official do use to protect important information in government para-stater.

Tunneling protocol used by Golden frog VPN include PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and Chameleon which is Golden frog own proprietary software. According to the company, it was made known that Chameleon is one of the few VPNs in China that can easily bypass strict firewall in countries like China own by Chinese government.

Golden Frog VPN Service Plans

Golden frog offer a very cheap plan with 50% discount on first order. The VyprVPN service provide has three different service, the basic, the pro and the premier VPN service. They offer 50% discount on first purchase.

The plan for each of the VPN service and benefits are shown in the image below

Golden frog vpn

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