Google AdSense Disabled; What Next? Quit Blogging Or Continue?

Am I suppose to be at war with Google for disabling my AdSense account? Or I should rather quit blogging instantly? Google hits me in the face last week when I woke up one beautiful morning and found out that my Google AdSense has been disabled. Ghen-ghen was what rang to my hearing as if I was seeing an hilarious movie effect.

Before presenting my Google AdSense tragedy before you, I am asking for your personal opinion whether I should quit the site or keep my head straight. If you are an AdSense blogger and you reside in Nigeria, you will likely understand the misery of getting AdSense approval.

As a blogger, you can have as many as possible blogs as long as you can manage them, and doing the necessary up-keeping of the blog. But what is the goal of blogging? Passion or love? Guy, gone are those days ooo. Where you colleague will start saying “I blog for passion” when your mate are making hundreds of dollars on monthly basis.

Some of you will be wondering that you are still seeing AdSense on this blog and how come about AdSense disabling my AdSense account. Well, it’s a nice question. As human being, you can decide to build different mansion and furnished it differently up to your taste. I have the preference of having one blog one AdSense. So I put the necessary requirement in place to qualify my blog for a new AdSense account if the need be.

Now, enough of this cook and bull story. Let move down to the scares on my mind concerning the disabled AdSense account with $170.

Google Disabled My AdSense Account, What Next?

First, I don’t like quitting anything I do. Once I started it, I must surely see the end, willy-Nilly.  It was one beautiful Sunday morning. I just woke up to do the normal blogger’s stuff. Like checking my blog dashboard, reading mails and also see how far have made for the day. But guess what? Sorry, your AdSense account have been disabled for an invalid click was what popped up.

AdSense disabled

Firstly, I thought it was a joke. I refreshed my browser, closed it and re-opened it again. Gham. All things being equal, it was disabled for real and I  was like woow. Started smiling as to whether I had committed an offence that warrants that but serious, no answer to the question.

As a blogger, you will be frustrated seeing this but is this the end of the road? Well, to some, blogging ends but the answer should be NO.

What Next Did I Do When I got The Google AdSense Disabled mail?

For what Google and most other big companies are known for, they only provide limited information concerning their actions. And most times, their actions are irrevocable. When I got the mail and read it. Few links follow as to whether I will like to see the reasons why they took such action or perhaps fill a re-appeal form.

Due to eagerness, and a little of frustration. I filled an appealed form instant but trust me, it was a big NO! NO!! NO!!! from Google that they have not seen a reason to re-instate my AdSense account.

Google disabling the AdSense account is actually not the end of the road. I need to keep my head straight and do what I know how to do most.

What am planning to do next is to give Google sometimes, and then re-appeal again whether they would consider it and if they don’t, so be it. And it works as expected, the procedure or process will be published under AdSense section instantly.

What is your opinion about this? And what is the surest method you know to re-instate a disabled AdSense account?

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