A Beginner Guide to Google AdSense Pin Verification

Google AdSense is one of the basic ways to make money online for bloggers. There is no point to argue that, Google AdSense isn’t the best way to make money online for non-affiliate bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

As it is, there is no trick to create AdSense account. If you are new to Google AdSense account and you will love to create your own Google account, and head straight to AdSense to sign up for your own account once you have a quality blog or website.

If you are looking for a trick to get AdSense approval fast via a website read “How to get AdSense approval” fast. And for YouTube AdSense publisher, it is very easy to get an approval once you uploaded your own video compared to getting an account through a blog.

Some bloggers use trick to get Google AdSense approval via AdMob but most of the account do get ban by Google, so I will not advise you to get AdSense approval via illegal way.

If you have been following this blog long ago, you will find out that the core means of generate revenue from this blog is via Google AdSense, Sponsor posts and affiliate but mainly Google AdSense.

Back then, my Google AdSense PIN verification didn’t come after I have made my 3rd request and Google stop serving ads on the blog. Not that the account was disable or banned but because I couldn’t not verify my account when I reached $10.

Afterward I read how to verify Google AdSense account without pin and it works. You can too can try it if your AdSense verification pin lost into the thin air.

Google AdSense PIN Verification Threshold for Different Currencies

Due to difference in currency value which is dollar equivalent in different country. Each country has its own threshold when AdSense team will generate and send verification PIN and payment threshold. However, below are the list of AdSense threshold for each country.

Google AdSense PIN Verification

Once you cross your country threshold on your Google AdSense earning, the next big thing will be for Google to send a PIN to your address for verification and once verified, you can join the league of verified Google AdSense publisher.

Google AdSense PIN Verification Process

Google AdSense PIN verification process do take place after you have reach a minimum threshold of $10 equivalent in supported country currency. The PIN for your AdSense account verification will be sent to the address you filled during registration and you have the privilege to request for Google AdSense verification PIN for max of 3 times with minimum of 30 days interval after which Google will stop serving live ads if you failed to verify your account.

If after the third time you have made your pin verification request, you didn’t get it and you could not verify you Google AdSense account, Google will stop serving live ads on your pages just like mine. Note that your Google AdSense account isn’t disabled rather, Google stop serving live ads on your page because you are unable to verify your account.

However, this post is to walk you through how to verify your Google AdSense account using Google default pin verification if you have received your PIN from Google.

How to Request for Google AdSense PIN for Verification

By default Google will send the first PIN for AdSense verification to your home default address after your earning has crossed $10. And if you used post office address when you signed up, your PIN will be mailed to the address which should arrive within a month and if it doesn’t, you will have to make next request for another PIN yourself.

Below is how to request for Google AdSense PIN for the second and third time for verification.

  1. Login to your Google AdSense account
  2. Click on the gear icon and select settings from the drop down menu
  3. To your account side bar, click on account information
  4. Click on verify address link
  5. And click on request new PIN



If you want to change your new AdSense PIN request mailing address, chose new address from the popup and fill in the new address for Google to send the new PIN to instead of your first address.

How to Verify AdSense With Google AdSense PIN Verification

Once you have received your PIN for verification, you have to verify it manually. And below is a simplified ways to verify your Google AdSense account with PIN with just a click.

1. Once you login to your Google AdSense account, you will see a red flag notification telling you that your account is currently on hold because you haven’t verify your account.

2. You will be taken to a new page where you will have to enter your Google AdSense PIN sent to your mailing address for verification.

Google AdSense Pin Verification

3. Once you have entered the PIN into the section, then click on submit PIN button and your Google AdSense PIN verification process is done. That means you have successfully verify your Google AdSense account.

Have Requested for Google AdSense PIN Verification But Have Not Seen it

There is possibility that you will never receive you AdSense PIN for verification after the third time after which Google will stop serving live ads on your blog. At this point, you will need to verify your AdSense account without PIN.

How to Verify Google AdSense Account Without PIN

One of the easiest ways to verify Google AdSense account without PIN is with the use of means of identification. With the help of national ID card or school ID card, you can easily verify AdSense account without PIN.

Check: How to Verify Google AdSense Account without PIN

If you have any issue verifying your Google AdSense account using PIN, kindly drop your comment.

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