GoTenna: Go Off The Grid, GoTenna Brings Communications

GoTenna technology helps to addresses the off-grid communication issue when you are off the network range. It is small enough that hardly can someone noticed what it does. GoTenna is a small wireless device that easily pair with any kind of smartphone just like the use of Bluetooth hand free with your smartphone.

The new GoTenna technology works any where in the entire planet irrespective of the location network signal. With the GoTenna, users can easily communicate through text messages and share current location in the absence of both local network and wireless network.

The device which was launched last year got its inspiration during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 as a result of internet power down.


The GoTenna founder, Deniela and Jorge Perdomo(Sibling) discovered that there is a need for communication even in the absence of cell phone network and WiFi, and they invented GoTenna.

The useful of cell phone is far more than the emergency stuff, hiking in a remote environ, traveling abroad, going on vacation on island and the likes.

The usefulness of GoTenna technology is to help reduce the relevance of cell phone network and WiFi and the product has been able to create network it own.

You don’t really need to get GoTenna for the purpose of getting of the grid but when you are off the grid like going off the grid in your village and there is no cell phone network access.

The new GoTenna technology enables you to send and receive text messages for free and share you current location on map, offfine mode. And the messages are instant without any delay.

How To Activate GoTenna Technology

It is very easy to activate GoTenna as you don’t need a special knowledge. Just pull out the device Antenna from the housing and then pair it with your device, either Android or iOS wirelessly via Bluetooth.

GoTenaa is sold put in pair, and with it you can stay connected with at least one friend when you are off the grid.

The device can store hundred of messages with its flash memory, it posses two watt radio and it weighs around two ounces.

Have you tried GoTenna on Island? What do you think about it?

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